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When were the panels installed?
January, 2008

Is it more expensive to construct these habitat friendly seawalls than it is to use simple flat walls?
Not very much: there would be a nominal increase in cost for using slightly more concrete and a one-time cost for creating the forms used to make the features on the wall.  Given that the enhancements that we have been testing have been on the seawall for over 4 years with little or no damage, we don' t anticipate higher maintenance costs for these designs, either.

Where are they located?
There are panels installed along the central waterfront in downtown Seattle at Clay Street, Vine Street, and North of the Seattle Aquarium. They are installed between 0 and +7 feet MLLW.  If you go out onto one of the adjacent piers at a low tide and look back at the seawall, you will see the panels!

Will seawalls with associated habitat enhancements attract predatory fish that would feed on juvenile salmon and actually be detrimental to them?
We have only observed a few instances of predatory fish such as ling cod around the habitat panels.  Also, in other studies along the seawall we have commonly seen predatory fish, but have only rarely seen them feeding on juvenile salmon.