Design of Test Panels and Study

There are three designs – flat, stepped, and finned. Each design has 2 surface treatments – smooth and cobble.

The panels are 5’W x 7.5’H and fabricated with precast concrete.

In January 2008, they were mounted onto the seawall in the intertidal zone at 0’ MLLW.

Replication for the study is at 3 sites along the central waterfront in Seattle.

Each of the sites has all 6 habitat test panel designs randomly placed along the zero water mark.

In addition, a Reference and Control was added at each site for successional and community comparisons. Reference sections are original unadulterated seawall and control panels are sections of seawall that were pressure washed when the test panels were installed to remove all algae and invertebrates.

Fabricating the panels

Deploying the panels on the seawall