Welcome to My Portfolio

     “So if you really want to hurt me, talk badly about my language. Ethnic identity is twin skin to linguistic identity- I am my language. Until I can take pride in my language, I cannot take pride in myself”
             - Gloria Anzaldua 

    Hello and welcome to my English 131 portfolio. Starting with a little bit introduction, my name is Quanhui Liu, and I am a freshman of University of Washington currently majoring in chemical engineering. To be frank, it is the first time I make a portfolio for a course and it is even the first time I take a English course outside of China. At first, I felt extremely nervous and concerned about this course because I was the only international student in that class. However, thanks to the help from teacher during office hours and spending most of my time reading assigned texts, writing papers, and researching in libraries, I feel that I have a better command of this language than before. 

    With this confidence, please allow me to introduce my portfolio. In this portfolio, you will see my work about how the society influences one's social identity through language and social media. This topic is my writing theme throughout this quarter, and the four works I that selected expand on this topic. At first, the topic was extraordinarily broad to me and I have little grasp of the idea "identity". However, through the process of writing, I eventually have a better understanding of what identity is and how it is influenced in the manner of social impact. I still can remember how lost I was when Professor Day threw the topic "identity"to us in the first class. But after applying the inquiry skills we learned in this quarter, I believe that the topic is no longer scary or overwhelming.
    The four selected pieces not only reveal the my lines of inquiry of the topic, but also they reflect my development of writing skills through the following four outcomes. 
  •     Apply various writing strategies to different context (S.A.1.2)
  •     To read, analyze and synthesize complex texts and provide evidence that purposefully support writing (M.P.1)
  •     To produce complex, analytical, persuasive arguments (S.A.1.3)
  •     To develop flexible strategies for revising, editing, and proofreading writing (S.A.2.1)
    The four chosen essays are the results of multiple times of submission and revision throughout this quarter. The first paper is summaries of Amy Tan's "Mother Tongue" for Seattle Times reader and Facebook friends. S.A.1.2 fulfills the first outcome by applying different tones and writing focuses that appeals to various audience. It is a proof that my writing is not confined in classroom, but it infiltrates in my daily life. The paper that fits the second outcome is M.P.1. It is an analytical argument paper that based on the analysis of a survey report about the problems the elderly Chinese Immigrants meets and the essay "Mother Tongue" we talked about before. The essay provides adequate amount of evidence from the two texts backing up the argument that no matter hard the relatives try to help their immigrant parents overcoming language barrier, the social power and social utility that the parents can attain is still very limited. To demonstrate outcome three, S.A.1.3 is constructed strictly under the requirement of a strong argument: complex, analytical, persuasive. Finally, S.A.2.1, my most concerned essay, after went through several time of revision and visting CLUE and ORWC writing centers, is now proudly presented in this portfolio.
    Accompany with revised papers, the critical reflections witness the choices I made as a college level writer when revising the essays. They are also the reflection of the process of my cognition about what is the features are shared by good essays, and how I apply them to my essays. 

    Before this course, I was a shy boy withheld my thoughts and voice because of my lack of confidence on my English. However, after ten intense weeks of inquiry, practice, and rewriting, I am now ready and proud to show my strength and improvement of my language in this course.