Welcome to ATMS/ESS/OCN 588 "Global Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gases", a Program on Climate Change course.

Winter Quarter 2011

Announcements (most recent first):
--> No class Tues 3/8
--> Special class mtg Fri 3/11, 11-12:30 in ATG 610
--> Student presentations Thurs 12-1:30 & Fri 11-12:30:  8 min talk + 2 min Q&A
Thursday March 10: 12-1:30 OSB 425
Rosalinda      Air-sea exchange and windspeeds
Andrew          Southern Ocean changes driving atmospheric CO2
Hilary             Methods for measuring anthropogenic CO2 updake
Pam               Changes to the marine nitrogen cycle in a high-CO2 world
Perry             The role of iron in the glacial ocean
Michelle         Ozone past and present
Nic                 Black carbon within seasonal snowpack
Nemiah          The Paleocene Eocene Thermal maximum
Alden              Global estimates of methane in marine sediments

Friday March 11, 11-12:30 ATG 610
Brian               Is the annual cycle of global mean methane stationary?
Tania               Co-benefits of health and climate from reduction in black carbon
Ashley            The interpretation of atmospheric del13C-pCO2 in ice core
Max                Far North terrestrial CO2 sinks
Sarah             Comparing different GCM results for CO2 update by ocean
Emily               Role of sea ice in gas exchange rates in glacial N. Atlantic or Southern Ocean
Yanxu            The influence of global warming on the methane release from permafrost
Jenny            Mitigation strategies for CH4 emissions

Meeting Time: TTh 12:00-1:20; Meeting Place: OSB 425

Instructors:    Lyatt Jaeglé, ATG 302, 685-2679, jaegle@uw.edu 
                        Julian Sachs, OSB 521, 221-5630, jsachs@uw.edu

Course Goals and Structure: 
The course focuses on factors controlling the global cycle of carbon and the greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O, O3 and halocarbons). Goals are to develop an appreciation for:  
  • The abundance and distribution of carbon and greenhouse gases
  • Physical, chemical and biological mechanisms that control ocean-atmosphere and terrestrial-atmosphere exchange of carbon and greenhouse gases.
  • The geologic evidence for climate change linked to greenhouse gases 
  • The fate of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, their impact on climate and strategies for mitigation and sequestration of anthropogenic gases