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Kelp, other algae, and vegetation

Aquatic algaeThe habitat bench has been colonized with a diverse, dense growth of kelps and other algae, with eighteen species of green, red, and brown algae documented in 2011.  Overall percent cover was greatest in 2011 at all surveyed elevations as compared to previous years and reached 100% at two of the elevations.  The number of kelp stipes was variable among years, consistently increasing at the habitat bench but greatest in 2009 at the deeper elevations of -3 to -6.1m.

Terrestrial VegetationAll measurements of understory and overstory vegetation percent cover in 2011 increased over previous years.  Dune grass patches had lower percent cover than other areas, and trampling continues to be problematic with dune grass flourishing only where it is protected by logs.  However, all dune grass patches did increase in overall area, cover, and shoot density.