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Study 011 - Temporary anchorage devices (TAD) in orthodontic practice: attitudes toward use and clinical outcomes

Northwest PRECEDENT Orthodontic Sub-network Study
Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs)
• Relatively new device
• Use and effectiveness information is needed

Goals of survey study
To determine:
• Extent and use of TADs
• Effectiveness

Goals of overall study

To determine:
• Extent of use of TADs
• Objective outcomes regarding use of TADs
• Risk factors associated with failures of TADs

► Although there is a lot of interest in TADs, adoption of the technology is slower than was thought - they don’t seem to be used as much by PRECEDENT orthodontists as the preliminary survey suggested.

Findings - Web survey study completed
47 of 59 orthodontists participated (80%)
Indications for use
    • Molar mesialization and uprighting
    • Intrusion
    • Indirect anchorage
    • En masse retraction
91% of surveyed orthodontists use TADs (43% place TADs)
71% offices had at least 1 adverse effect
    • Tissue irritation
    • Tissue overgrowth
    • Premature loosening of screw


Enrollment Started: 6/4/2009
Enrollment Completed: 12/31/2010
Actual Enrollment: 81 patients (target 320)

Updated 6/01/2011