Retiring, Moving, or Selling

There have been a number of PRECEDENT member dentists who have retired or moved in the last year. We understand these are transitions that occur with any practice and appreciate your assistance in making them successful for everyone involved. We encourage you to talk about PRECEDENT and encourage the new dentist to continue with research. Help the new dentist understand how important and rewarding it is to conduct and contribute to  practice-based research.

Here are some helpful questions to consider when coordinating a transition and continuing PRECEDENT research:

  1. Will the new dentist continue with PRECEDENT research? If so, they will need to be trained as a PRECEDENT member and take over your role as co-investigator.
  2. If the new dentist is not interested in becoming a PRECEDENT member, are they willing to take HIPPA & RCR training to continue follow-up and retain you as the co-investigator? This would require you to sign and verify the study forms.
  3. What are your study specific requirements for records retention? You are responsible for retaining your research documents unless the new dentist becomes a trained PRECEDENT member.
  4. Have you contacted your Regional Coordinator to help you write a customized plan?
  5. Have you talked to the new dentist about how staff will be compensated if they continue to assist with PRECEDENT research?

Please remember that unless the new dentist takes over your role as an investigator member-dentist you are responsible for the research documentation and data obtained during the course of a study. Check with your Regional Coordinator regarding your study specific requirements for records retention.

Examples of contract language:

Covenant Not To Compete. For a period of X months from the date of Closing: It shall not be a violation of the covenant
not to compete for the Seller to continue participation in the ongoing research project involving the NW Precedent project which is a collaborative project with the University of Washington and the Oregon Health & Science University

Research Project. Seller has been involved in the NW Precedent project which is a collaborative project with the University of Washington and the Oregon Health & Science University. Purchaser shall permit Seller continued access to all patients and records associated with that project from and after the date of Closing until the project is completed.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for assistance.