Fisheries controversies

In recent years, a number of topics in fisheries management and marine ecology have become highly controversial, with proponents and detractors. These topics are far from settled. For those interested in exploring further, leading university discussion groups, or debating the issues, I have collated the relevant references under each topic here. Since I am personally involved in many of these topics, I have chosen to refrain from editorializing or summarizing the key points in each debate, but do indicate which papers are most important with an asterisk. The following topics are covered:
1. Is fishing down marine food webs pervasive?
2. Can we use catch data alone to make inferences about fishery stock status?
3. Are all fisheries going to be collapsed by 2048?
4. Have large predatory fish declined by 90%?
5. Did whaling cause a sequential megafaunal collapse in the North Pacific?
6. What is the state of global fisheries?
7. Does the Marine Stewardship Council effectively identify sustainable fisheries?
8. Are catch-share fisheries good or bad?