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    Independent Teams

    Every year, MCHB promotes and sponsors independent teams to participate in regional and national inter-school competitions. 

    Selection Criteria:

    - Each team applying for independent funding must present the following:

      -- A plan for competition preparation

      -- Previous experience (in-house, pertinent classes, etc.)

      -- Resumes for each competitor

      -- References from a faculty member/coach/etc (writing class instructor, etc.)

      -- List of expected expenses

    - Each member of a team applying for independent funding must also sign a contract to provide an After-Competition Report and volunteer 6 hours each to MCHB events.

      -- The After-Competition Report must include (1) any documents produced for the competition; and (2) at least 3 photos from the competition and/or practices.

    Questions about funding or requests for applications for the 2014-2015 school year should be directed to VP of National Competitions Nick Ulrich,