Independent Teams

MCHB is committed to providing opportunities for University of Washington students to develop both oral and written advocacy skills outside of the classroom. As part of this commitment, MCHB awards funding to Independent Teams that demonstrate their ability to positively represent the University of Washington School of Law in regional, national, and international competitions.

To apply for funding, please submit a complete application to or drop off your application at the MCHB office (Room 129).


Independent Team Funding PowerPoint Presentation:

The deadline to apply for funding is Friday, October 30, 2015.

Applications must include the following:

1. Description of Competition.  Include the competition’s name and date, due dates for any writing requirement, subject matter, location, and the name and contact information for all team members.

2. Letter from Coach.  All teams must have a coach. Coaches may be a faculty member or attorney, and must be available for training as well as critique at practice sessions. Coaches must write a brief letter of recommendation for the team, emphasizing the team’s qualifications.

3.  Competition Preparation Plan.  Include a detailed plan of the following:

a. A preliminary schedule for completing any writing requirement.

b. A preliminary schedule for oral argument practice rounds.

4. Itemized List of Anticipated Expenses.  Include registration fee, travel costs, and other relevant expenses.

5. Full Disclosure of Other Possible Funding Sources. This disclosure need not include the personal resources of team members or their families.

exchange for receiving funding, teams must fulfill the following obligation:

1. Submit a copy of the final brief(s), if applicable, and at least three photos of the team at the competition. 

2. All members of the team must commit to volunteering six hours at MCHB events. Grading briefs for the HCMP 1L Appellate Advocacy Competition satisfies this requirement. Any member graduating before Spring Quarter 2015 who is unable to grade briefs must volunteer six hours at other MCHB competitions.

Academic credit for competition participation will not be awarded until these obligations are satisfied.

Questions about funding and applications should be directed to Tyler Lichter, VP National Competitions,