AAJ Mock Trial Competition

About the Competition:

The American Association for Justice (AAJ) seeks to inspire excellence in trial advocacy through training and education for both law students and practicing attorneys. The association accomplishes this goal in part by sponsoring the National Student Trial Advocacy Competition, an annual nationwide mock trial competition. The competition is an exceptional opportunity for law students to develop and practice their trial advocacy skills before distinguished members of the bar and bench.

AAJ's mock trial cases are always civil cases and tend to deal with products liability, personal injury, or medical malpractice/negligence issues. Teams will be judged on their skills in case preparation, opening statements, use of facts, the examination of lay and expert witnesses, and closing arguments. There will be no written exercise.

16 teams are assigned to each of 14 regions. The top team from each region advances to the National Finals.

2015–2016 Members:

David Glindmeyer (3L)

Taylor Knight (3L)

Pete Damrow (3L)

Sarah Tatistcheff (3L)

Patrick Dahn (2L)

Francisco Carriedo (2L)

Jayme Staten (2L)

James Prescott (2L)

How to Join the Team:

Tryouts for new members will take place in May 2016, shortly after the HCMP 1L Appellate Advocacy Competition.

For More Information:
Contact David Glindmeyer (glindd@uw.edu) for questions about the team.

Competition Website: http://www.justice.org/cps/rde/xchg/justice/hs.xsl/1734.htm

2014–2015 Members:

Nick Ulrich (3L)

Jenna Zwang (3L)
Carolyn Jewett
Matt Wurdeman
Steve Clark
Stephanie Olson
David Glindmeyer (2L)
Kerry Werner (2L)