Judson Falknor Appellate Advocacy Competition

2015 Judson Falknor Appellate Advocacy Competition 
January 28–February 2, 2015

Competition Chairs:
Jessica Erickson
Caleb Vandenboss

The Moot Court Honor Board is proud to announce the 2015 Judson Falknor Appellate Advocacy Competition. Participants will write a brief and present an oral argument with a teammate, advancing past the preliminary rounds based on accumulated points. All participants will receive points for use in application to the Moot Court Honor Board, and the top 2L competitors will be invited to the National Team that competes annually in New York. Participants can also receive up to two academic credits for participating.

2015 Judson Falknor Appellate Advocacy Competition Results

Please join the Moot Court Honor Board in congratulating the award winners, competition finalists, and competition champions of the 2015 Judson Falknor Appelate Advocacy Competition!

ChampionsMatthew Wurdeman & Maureen Johnston

FinalistsMichael Kittleson & Nicholas Ulrich

Semifinalists: Darin Jones & Sarah Demaree; Kelsey Martin & Courtney Schirr

Brief Awards:
1st Place Brief: Matthew Wurdeman & Maureen Johnston
2nd Place Brief: Darin Jones & Sarah Demaree
3rd Place Brief: Michael Kittleson & Nicholas Ulrich

Speaker Awards:
1st Place Speaker: Matthew Wurdeman
2nd Place Speaker: Maureen Johnston
3rd Place Speaker: Nicholas Ulrich

2015 Final Round Competitors and Judges

From Left to Right:
Matthew Wurdeman & Maureen Johnston; Judge John Coughenour (United States District Court for the Western District of Washington); Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud (Washington Supreme Court); Judge Jerome Farris (United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit); Justice Debra Stephens (Washington Supreme Court);
Finalists Nicolas Ulrich and Michael Kittleson. [Not pictured: Dean Kellye Testy]

2014 Judson Falknor Appellate Advocacy Competition Results


Champions: Jessica Erickson & Shon Hopwood

Finalists:  Emily Toler & Kristine Jacobs


Brief Awards:

1st Place Brief: Emily Toler & Kristine Jacobs

2nd Place Brief: McKenzie Lowery & Daniel Richards

3rd Place Brief: Nicholas Ulrich & Michael Kittleson 

Speaker Awards:

1st Place Speaker: Emily Toler

2nd Place Speaker: Kristi Knieps

3rd Place Speaker: Sierra McWilliams