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The Order of Barristers


Graduating 3Ls at the University of Washington who have competed in at least two moot court competitions are eligible to apply for membership to the Order of Barristers. The Order is a national honorary organization that encourages development of oral advocacy and brief writing skills through various law school programs. Membership in the Order honors students who excel at participating in and running advocacy programs at their respective schools.

Applicants must be graduating 3Ls who have competed in at least two different moot court or mock trial competitions. Participating in the same competition in two different years (e.g., competing in the Falknor Competition during both 2L and 3L years) does not fulfill this requirement.

3Ls submit applications to the Order during Spring quarter. A faculty committee reviews the applications and selects students for membership. The Committee selects students as allowed by the Order's constitution (in past years, this has generally allowed UW Law to select up to ten students). However, the Committee may select fewer members if it believes fewer students are deserving. After the Committee makes its selections, the Law School Dean reviews and either validates or amends the selections.

The Committee uses the following criteria in making its selection for membership:
  1. Membership on intercollegiate teams and performance in intercollegiate competitions, OR participation in tryouts for intercollegiate teams
  2. Participation and performance in intramural competitions
  3. Participation and performance in the administration of the school's moot court programs. This includes, but is not limited to, substantial work completed as a Moot Court Honor Board member
  4. Participation and performance in any programs for the instruction of other law students in brief writing and/or oral advocacy skills
  5. Performance record in the school's brief writing and/or oral advocacy courses

The application process for 2014 graduates closes May 6th at 4:45 p.m. No applications will be accepted after this point.

Students who are admitted to the Order of the Barristers will be notified directly by a faculty member. 

For more information about the Order of Barristers selection process, please see the Moot Court Honor Board Bylaws. If you have questions, please contact Lauren Connor, Vice President of Development, at lnconner@uw.edu. 

Congratulations to the 2013 Order of Barristers Honorees:

  • Nate Bingham
  • Brie Coyle 
  • Jeff Degroot
  • Michelle Gregoire
  • Spencer Hutchins
  • Andy Murphy
  • Ashley Sherwood
  • Jon Smith 
  • Michelle Taft
  • Ashley Wilson
Brooke Howlett,
Apr 30, 2014, 10:33 AM