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    Historical Results

    2013-2014 Competitions

    2014 Contract Negotiation Competition
    Purple Bracket:
    Champions: Sara Eagle Campbell & Heather Cook
    Finalists: John Brumbaugh & Vijay Kumar
    1st Place Speaker: Sara Eagle Campbell
    2nd Place Speaker: Heather Cook
    3rd Place Speaker: Weston LeMay

    Gold Bracket:
    Champions: Sierra McWilliams & Ali Khreis
    Finalists: Miriam Swedlow & Sarah Chaplin
    1st Place Speaker: Miriam Swedlow
    2nd Place Speaker: Sarah Chaplin
    3rd Place Speaker: Sydney Conway

    2014 Falknor Appellate Advocacy Competition
    Champions: Jessica Erickson & Shon Hopwood
    Finalists: Emily Toler & Kristine Jacobs

    1st Place Brief: Emily Toler & Kristine Jacobs
    2nd Place Brief: McKenzie Lowery & Daniel Richards
    3rd Place Brief: Nicholas Ulrich & Michael Kittleson

    1st Place Speaker: Emily Toler
    2nd Place Speaker: Kristi Knieps
    3rd Place Speaker: Sierra McWilliams

    2013 1L Mock Trial
    Purple Bracket:
    Champions: Ben Nelson & Andrew Fuller
    Finalists:Michael Gerbec & Andy Zehrung
    Miriam Swedlow & Sarah Chaplin
    Jeremy Wood & Tyler Lichter

    Gold Bracket:
    Champions: Claire Carden & Brennen Johnson
    Finalists: Spencer Gall & Andrew Fuller
    Cheryl Lee & Catherine Ann Moore
    Jake Mallory & Patrick Moore

    1st Place Speaker: Ben Nelson
    2nd Place Speaker: Brennen Johnson
    3rd Place Speaker: Patrick Moore

    2013 PWRLK 2L/3L Mock Trial
    Champions: Andrea Woods & Patrick Patterson
    Finalists: Jenna Zwang & Sarah Demaree

    1st Place Speaker: Patrick Patterson
    2nd Place Speaker: Nicholas Ulrich
    3rd Place Speaker: Andrea Woods

    McKenzie Lowery & Scott Forbes
    Michael Kittleson & Nicholas Ulrich

    2012-2013 Competitions

    2013 1L Appellate Advocacy Competition
    Purple Bracket:
    Champions: Mallory Bouchee and Jen Goldstein
    Finalists: Jessica Erickson and Emily Childs
    Casey Shaub and Dane Westermeyer
    Alexander Wisbey and Emily Elijah

    1st Place Orator: Dane Westermeyer
    2nd Place Orator: Jessica Erickson
    3rd Place Orator: Emily Childs

    Gold Bracket:
    Champions: Darin Jones and Drew Duggan
    Finalists: Kiry Nelson and Matt Wurdeman
    Nick Balthrop and Steve Clark
    Evan Carden and Matt Hart

    1st Place Orator: Darin Jones
    2nd Place Orator: Evan Carden
    3rd Place Orator: Matt Wurdeman

    2013 Contract Negotiation Competition
    Champions: Emily Elijah and Shaun Callahan
    Finalists:  David Robinson and Meghan Gavin
    Anna Cunningham and Chris Reed
    Alexander Whisbey and Caleb Vandenbos

    1st Place Speaker: Meghan Gavin
    2nd Place Speaker: David Robinson
    3rd Place Speaker: Shaun Callahan

    2012 1L Mock Trial
    Purple Bracket:
    Champions: Kiry Nelsen and Matt Wurdeman
    Finalists:  Nick Balthrop and Steven Clark

    Gold Bracket:
    Champions: Darin Jones and Drew Duggan
    Finalists:  Dane Westermeyer and Mitchell Barrington

    2011-2012 Competitions
    2012 1L Appellate Advocacy Competition
    Purple Bracket: 
    Champions: Abby St. Hilaire & Shon Hopwood
    Finalists: Erin Hebert & Scott Forbes 
    Nick Hathaway & Michael Edwards
    Brooke Howlett & Kaela Joyner

    1st Place Orator: Lauren Watts
    2nd Place Orator: Abby St. Hilaire
    3rd Place Orator: Scott Forbes

    Gold Bracket: 

    Champions: Kristine Jacobs & Emily Toler
    Finalists: Kristi Knieps & Stephanie White
    Annie Meyers & Laura Powell
    Yeu-Yan Perng & Caitlin Park

    1st Place Orator: Emily Toler
    2nd Place Orator: Kristi Knieps
    3rd Place Orator: Jane Schroeder

    Brief Awards:

    1st Place Brief: Yeu-Yan Perng & Caitlin Park
    2nd Place Brief: Abby St. Hilaire & Shon Hopwood
    3rd Place Brief: Kristine Jacobs & Emily Toler

    2012 Falknor Appellate Advocacy Competition
    Champions: Josephine Ennis & Brad Lewis
    Finalists: Jeff DeGroot & David Crawford

    1st Place Orator: Josephine Ennis
    2nd Place Orator: Brad Lewis
    3rd Place Orator: Jeff DeGroot

    1st Place Brief: Josephine Ennis & Brad Lewis
    2nd Place Brief: Jeff DeGroot & David Crawford
    3rd Place Brief: Anna Crary & Heather Griffith

    2012 Contract Negotiation Competition
    Gold Bracket
    Champions: Heather Cook & Sara Campbell
    Finalists: Brooke Howlett & Kaela Joyner
    1st Place Speaker: Heather Cook
    2nd Place Speaker: Sara Campbell
    3rd Place Speaker: Brooke Howlett

    Purple Bracket
    Champions: Alanna Peterson & Bradford Hashimoto
    Finalists: Daniel Richards & Jonah Crollard
    1st Place Speaker: Alanna Peterson
    2nd Place Speaker: Bradford Hashimoto
    3rd Place Speaker: Michael Edwards

    2011 1L Mock Trial Competition
    Gold Bracket:
    Champions: Michael Edwards & Nick Hathaway
    Finalists: Daniel Richards & Jonah Crollard

    Purple Bracket:
    Champions: Abby St. Hilaire & Shon Hopwood
    Finalists: Brooke Howlett & Casey Parks 

    1st Speaker: Brooke Howlett
    2nd Place Speaker: Yan Perng
    3rd Place Speaker: Daniel Richards