The primary mission of the University of Washington Moot Court Honor Board is to assist law students in developing advocacy skills through practice and competition.
Announcements & Competition News

King County Bar Association 1L Mock Trial Competition Information Session - Monday October 12th.

Please join Moot Court Honor Board for an information session regarding the 1L Mock Trial Competition presented by the King County Bar Association.  

The meeting will be held on Monday, October 12, at 12:30 in Room 138

Interested in trial work? The 1L Mock Trial is for you. Not interested in trial work? The 1L Mock Trial is for you! Come learn how you can hone your public speaking skills, develop your courtroom presence, and learn how to better advocate for a client-- skills beneficial to lawyers across all practices. No courtroom experience? No problem. MCHB will provide a series of lunchtime training sessions before the competition.

The information session is an opportunity to receive detailed information about the competition format and ask any questions you may have about what to expect. Lunch will be provided! More information about the competition and upcoming training sessions is available on the competition website here.

Peterson Wampold Rosato Luna Knopp 2L/3L Mock Trial Competition

The 2L/3L Mock Trial Competition is your opportunity to test and sharpen your skills as a litigator!  Competitors conduct an entire trial from opening statements to closing arguments and have an opportunity to represent both the prosecution and defense. 

New this year is the addition of a writing component, allowing competitors the option to submit a 5-6 page motion in limine allowing them to receive 1 credit for participation. Click here for more information on the competition. Rules are available here.

Registration is open now, and will close October 12th, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

Register by emailing pwrlk2L3Lmocktrial@gmail.com with the name of your partner and leaving a $20.00 check made out to "University of Washington School of Law" at the MCHB office. Please reach out to us at pwrlk2L3Lmocktrial@gmail.com or contact Elisabeth Forsyth, Jeremy Wood, Raz Barnea, Eric Franz, or Matthew Gross with any questions.

MCHB Alumni Reception

MCHB will host its annual Alumni Reception on October 8 from 6:00 to 9:00 in the Perkins Coie Room (Room 115). Current and former members of MCHB, National Team, and independent moot court and mock trial teams are invited to attend. The Outstanding Alumni Award will be presented at the event and the 2L, 3L, and transfer students who earned the highest cumulative point totals in 2014-15 will receive the High Point Award. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be provided, with a short program and networking to follow. More information, including how to RSVP, will be released soon.

Please save the date. We look forward to seeing you there!

New Moot Court and Mock Trial Team Members

We are pleased to announce the new moot court and mock trial team members:

Jessup International Moot Court Team (Jessup):
  • Kevin Eggers
  • Duffy Romnor
National Moot Court Team (New York):
  • Eric Franz
  • Valerie Walker
Thomas Tang Moot Court Team (Tang):
  • Alizeh Bhojani
  • Kaleigh Boyd
Vis International Commercial Arbitration Team (Vis):
  • Hathaway Burden
  • Kelsey Christianson
National Environmental Law Moot Court Team (Pace):
  • Sophia Amberson
  • Steven McKevett
American Association of Justice Mock Trial Team (AAJ):
  • Patrick Dahn
  • Pete Damrow
  • Francisco Carriedo
  • Taylor Knight
  • James Prescott
  • Jayme Staten
  • Sarah Tatistcheff
Texas Young Lawyers Association Mock Trial Team (TYLA):
  • Carlie Bacon
  • Kaleigh Boyd
  • Marlana Kuper
  • Chad Law

New Members - Welcome to MCHB!

Please congratulate the newest members of the Moot Court Honor Board! We are pleased to announce the following students have accepted membership:
  • Sophia Amberson
  • Raz Barnea
  • Kaleigh Boyd
  • Kelsey Christianson
  • Eric Franz
  • Asti Gallina
  • Matthew Gross
  • Caesar Kalinowski
  • Marlana Kuper
  • Chad Law
  • Sawyer Margett
  • Ben Robbins
We are excited to work with the incoming crop of rising 2Ls. They have all proven to be excellent advocates throughout their first year and we expect great things from them!

2015 HCMP 1L Appellate Advocacy Competition Results

The Moot Court Honor Board is pleased to present the results for the 2015 HCMP 1L Appellate Advocacy Award competition. Please congratulate the following award recipients for their success:

Purple Ladder
Finalists – Matthew Gross and Steven McKevett
Champions – Kaleigh Boyd and Carolyn White

Gold Ladder
Finalists – Melissa Verrilli and Caesar Kalinowski
Champions – Eric Franz and Sawyer Margett

Silver Ladder
Finalists – Asti Gallina and Ben Robbins
Champions – Hathaway Burden and Raz Barnea

Brief Awards:
3rd Place Brief – Alizeh Bhojani and Michelle Su
2nd Place Brief – Justin Campbell and Joel Harte
1st Place Brief – Eric Franz and Sawyer Margett

1st Place Speaker
Purple – Kelsey Christianson
Gold – Eric Franz
Silver – Asti Gallina

2nd Place Speaker
Purple – Matthew Gross
Gold – Shelby Stoner
Silver - Caesar Kalinowski

3rd Place Speaker
Purple – Steven McKevett
Gold – Melissa Verrilli
Silver – Raz Barnea

Semi Finalists: 
Kelsey Christianson and Lena Brodsky
Ellen Macomson and David Hession
Guin Becker and Alaina Balyeat
Jayme Staten and Chad Law
An Nguyen and Valerie Walker
Harlan Mechling and Shelby Stoner

Thank you to all competitors, judges, faculty members, and HCMP attorneys for your support and dedication to the competition. We look forward to our next competition in the Fall.

Audio and Video of the final rounds is located HERE.

2015 HCMP 1L Appellate Advocacy Competition Final Rounds!

Audio and Video of the final rounds is located HERE.

Students, staff, faculty, family, and friends are invited to attend the final rounds of the HCMP 1L Appellate Advocacy Competition, as well as the awards reception to follow. Our field of competitors has been narrowed down from 73 teams to our six finalists over the course of four well argued evenings.

All final rounds will begin on Monday the 18th at 6:30 pm. The details for each of our three final rounds can be found below, including the names of the competitors and the final round judges.

Jack R. MacDonald Classroom (Room 127)

Arguing for the Petitioner: Hathaway Burden & Raz Barnea
Arguing for the Respondent: Asti Gallina & Ben Robbins

    - Nicholas Brown, General Counsel to Governor Jay Inslee
    - Tom Hillier, Federal Public Defender (Retired), Western District of Washington
    - Louis D. Peterson, Hillis Clark Martin & Peterson, P.S.
    - The Honorable Catherine Schaffer, King County Superior Court
    - The Honorable Michael J. Trickey, Washington State Court of Appeals, Division 1

Toni C. Rembe Appellate Courtroom (Room 133)

Arguing for the Petitioner: Eric Franz & Sawyer Margett
Arguing for the Respondent: Melissa Verrilli & Caesar Kalinowski

    - The Honorable Mary Kay Becker, Washington State Court of Appeals, Division 1
    - Michael R. Scott, Hillis Clark Martin & Peterson, P.S.
    - The Honorable Tanya L. Thorp, King County Superior Court
    - Robert Westinghouse, Yarmuth Wilsdon, PLLC
    - James (Jim) Whisman, Supervising Attorney, Appellate Unit, King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Warren G. Magnuson & Henry M. Jackson Trial Courtroom (Room 138)

Arguing for the Petitioner: Matthew Gross & Steven McKevett
Arguing for the Respondent: Kaleigh Boyd & Carolyn White

    - The Honorable J. Richard Creatura, United States District Court, Western District of Washington
    - Jeffrey M. Feldman, Summit Law Group and Law Lecturer, University of Washington
    - Annette Hayes, Acting United States Attorney, Western District of Washington
    - The Honorable C. Kimi Kondo, Presiding Judge, Seattle Municipal Court
    - Amit Ranade, Hillis Clark Martin & Peterson, P.S.

Thank you to all the students, faculty, and practitioners who have committed their time and effort to ensure the event is a success! We hope to see you at the final rounds.

The Moot Court Honor Board

Any questions should be sent to: 2015hcmp1lappellate@gmail.com

Details about the competition, podcasts, and other materials from the training sessions are available here.

Order of Barristers

The Order of Barristers is a national honorary organization that encourages oral advocacy and brief-writing skills through effective UWLS advocacy programs. The Order provides national recognition for individuals who excel in participating in and running advocacy programs at their respective schools.
Eligible students may apply for membership in The Order of Barristers. Students in their last year of law school are eligible if they competed in two moot court competitions. Students do not need to have participated in the Moot Court Honor Board to apply. Applications may be downloaded through the UW MCHB website and will be posted to the Student Announcements and Class of 2015 Facebook page.
If you have any questions about the application process please email MCHB VP of Development, Ben Byers, at benjab2@uw.edu.

The application form (now updated to fillable pdf format) is available here.

2015 Representation in Mediation Results

Please join MCHB in congratulating the following teams and individuals for their outstanding performance during the 2015 Representation in Mediation Competition!

Gold Bracket 
Champions: Chike Eze and Katherine Chung
Finalists: Alex Whisbey and Caleb Vandenbos

Best Speaker: Caleb Vandenbos
2nd Place Speaker:   Alex Whisbey
3rd Place Speaker: Katherine Chung

Purple Bracket 
Champions: Sophia Amberson and Marlana Kuper
Finalists: Eric Franz and Sawyer Margett

 Speaker: Raz Barnea
2nd Place Speaker: Eric Franz
3rd Place Speaker: Pheobe Huang

2015 Judson Falknor Appellate Advocacy Competition Results

Please join the Moot Court Honor Board in congratulating the award winners, competition finalists, and competition champions of the 2015 Judson Falknor Appelate Advocacy Competition!

Champions: Matthew Wurdeman & Maureen Johnston

Finalists: Michael Kittleson & Nicholas Ulrich

Semifinalists: Darin Jones & Sarah Demaree
                        Kelsey Martin & Courtney Schirr

Best Brief: Matthew Wurdeman & Maureen Johnston
2nd Place Brief: Darin Jones & Sarah Demaree
3rd Place Brief: Michael Kittleson & Nicholas Ulrich

Best Speaker: Matthew Wurdeman
2nd Place Speaker: Maureen Johnston
3rd Place Speaker: Nicholas Ulrich

2014 1L Mock Trial Results

Please join the Moot Court Honor Board in congratulating the award winners, competition finalists, and competition champions of the 2014 1L Mock Trial Competition!

            Purple Bracket Champions:  Kaleigh Boyd and Cole Lorimer

            Purple Bracket Finalists:  Michelle Rusk and Kelly Holler

            Gold Bracket Champions:  Chad Law and Jayme Staten

            Gold Bracket Finalists:  Sophia Amberson and Marlana Kuper

            Best Speaker: Chad Law

            Second Place Speaker: Sawyer Margett

            Third Place Speaker: Marlana Kuper

2014 PWRLK 2L/3L Mock Trial Results

Please join the Moot Court Honor Board in congratulating the award winners, competition finalists, and competition champions of the 2014 Peterson Wampold Rosato Luna Knopp 2L/3L Mock Trial Competition!

            Champions:  Matt Wurdeman and Dane Westermeyer

            Finalists:  Ben Nelson and Spencer Gall

            Best Speaker: Nick Ulrich

            Second Place Speaker: Matt Wurdeman

            Third Place Speaker: Dane Westermeyer

2014 HCMP 1L Appellate Advocacy Competition Results

Please join the Moot Court Honor Board in congratulating the award winners, competition finalists, and competition champions of the 2014 HCMP 1L Appellate Advocacy Competition.


            Championship Round Results:

            Gold Ladder

            Champions: Spencer Gall & Andrew S. Fuller

            Finalists: Maddie Haller & Courtney Schirr


            Purple Ladder

            Champions: Weston LeMay & Tomer Vandsburger

            Finalists: Maria Hoisington & Taylor Sproed 


            Brief Awards:

            Best Brief: James Feldman & Brooks Lindsay

            Second Place Brief: Maria Hoisington & Taylor Sproed

            Third Place Brief: Weston LeMay and Tomer Vandsburger


            Speaker Awards:

            Gold Ladder

            Best Speaker: Spencer Gall

            Second Place Speaker: Courtney Schirr

            Third Place Speaker: Andrew S. Fuller


            Purple Ladder

            Best Speaker: Weston LeMay

            Second Place Speaker: Tomer Vandsburger

            Third Place Speaker: Thomas Miller

2014 Contract Negotiation Competition Results

Please join the Moot Court Honor Board in congratulating the award winners, finalists, and champions of the of the 2014 Contract Negotiation Competition. 


            Purple Bracket:

            Champions: Sara Eagle Campbell & Heather Cook

            Finalists: John Brumbaugh & Vijay Kumar


            Best Speaker: Sara Eagle Campbell

            Second Place Speaker: Heather Cook

            Third Place Speaker: Weston LeMay


            Gold Bracket:

            Champions: Sierra McWilliams & Ali Khreis

            Finalists: Miriam Swedlow & Sarah Chaplin 


            Best Speaker: Miriam Swedlow

            Second Place Speaker: Sarah Chaplin

            Third Place Speaker: Sydney Conway



If you are interested in becoming a member of the Moot Court Honor Board, visit the Admission page. 


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