Targeted Peptide Services

Our Outlook


We want to learn and to educate at every opportunity.  We inspire confidence in our assays by providing data and expertise at every step of assay design.

Analytical Rigor

Each protein and peptide is a unique analyte that behaves unpredictably.  Development of a targeted assay requires an understanding of each analyte built from empirical observation.

Cutting-edge Approaches

There is always a better way.  The MacCoss lab is constantly developing new analytical approaches through innovation in hardware, algorithms, and software.  We aim to make these powerful approaches accessible to you.

Our Services


Learn about our approach to targeted assay design by working closely with us to develop an assay catered to your particular needs one step at a time.

Targeted Assay Design

Let us design an empirically optimized SRM, PRM, or DIA assay for your targets of interest.  We follow a careful process to choose optimal peptides based on measurements of signal, digestion efficiency, and stability for each peptide.  We provide raw data, processed data (Skyline and Panorama), instrument methods, and custom generated reports for each step of the process.

Targeted Assay Execution

Once a robust assay has been designed, we provide a service for the automated processing of samples using these assays.  Sample handling is done by robot to ensure reproducibility.  The samples are analyzed on state-of-the art instrumentation (Waters nanoAcquity UPLC + Thermo QE-HF, Thermo Fusion, or Thermo Quantiva) coupled with a robust quality control process which monitors spray instability, retention time variability, peak area variability, chromatographic peak shapes, contamination, sample carry-over, mass measurement accuracy and peptide fragmentation.  Data and quality control information is provided in raw file format via Chorus as well as Skyline documents available on Panorama.

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