Khalil Group News

February 2014

  • Our paper on the 2D IR spectroscopy of mixed valence compounds is published. 

December 2013

  • Mark successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis. 

July 2013

  • Our work on the 2D IR spectroscopy of Nitrophorin 4 is published.

April 2013

  • Our paper on simulating Ru L3-edge X-ray absorption spectra with TD-DFT is published.

March 2013

  • Our paper on the effect of solvent polarity on the vibrational dephasing dynamics of the nitrosyl stretching vibration is published.

February 2013

  • Mike successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis.

January 2013

  • Dr. Trevor Courtney, Zachary Fox and Madhu Balasubramanian join the group.

December 2012

  • Ben is awarded a graduate student merit fellowship.

July 2012

  • Dr. Matthew Ross joins the group.

June 2012

  • Recent transient X-ray results on a solar cell dye are published.
  • Results measuring non-equilibrium vibrational energy flow are published.

May 2012

  • Our paper on 5th order visible-infrared spectroscopy is accepted.

March 2012

  • Our paper on a novel tunable octave-spanning mid-IR source is accepted.

February 2012

  • Munira receives a Sloan Fellowship.