MAIS Program, Jackson School of International Studies

Hey there. Welcome to my official UW landing page. I am a recent MAIS graduate from the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washingtonwhere I also TA a couple of 300-level courses. 

My graduate research project addresses the convergence of two academic foci: a theoretical focus on modern international communications (new media, web 2.0 and multiplatform content creation) and a regional focus on Latin America and, more specifically, on the subnational interactions that take place in violence-ridden cities/communities across the US-Mexico border. This research project couldn't be possible without the intellectual guidande and counsel of professors Philip N. Howard, Kristen A. Foot and Tony Lucero. I'm beyond grateful and enthusiastic.  

Meanwhile, I've been also doing a lot of stuff on the side, like pulling quite good espresso shots and also this, for instance. 

Let's connect. Here's where to find me online

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