Honors Portfolio

More than any other aspect if this personal portfolio, I look forward the times later in life where I will have a chance to reread this archive. Reflect upon my reflections, if you
will. In the way that time capsules derive much of their sentimental value in anticipation of their future recovery, the same can be said for the collection of writings you will find here. Although I am thoroughly aware that my time as an undergraduate has been perhaps the most personally dynamic that I will ever encounter, the extent of this remains a mystery and will for some time. I can not yet know how the decisions that I have made and the convictions I have developed will shape my future, although they surely will.

You see, this portfolio is for me. Your presence on this page is likely due a personal invitation, or else a mistyped google search. The jobs and programs I will likely be applying for in the future will largely be in the sciences, where unfortunately my double degree as a Physics/Art History major at times will be considered as a lack of focus rather than a depth of interest. Should the nature of my future change, I will happily rewrite this introduction to suit that, but, as of now, it is for me.

As a tribute to the time that will elapse between now and the my future interaction with this portfolio, I have written each reflective annotation in a manner that I feel reflects the most how I feel at the time. I have not attempted to inflate the importance of experiences to suite the reflective nature of the entry, but neither have I aimed to deflate their importance to me. As you will see, I have written paragraphs about mechanisms of critical thinking tests, yet just a few sentences about emotionally intense poetry.

             Throughout college, I have found that to maintain a passion takes effort. In the monotony of day-to-day efforts, it is dangerous to seek a “light at the end of the tunnel.” Each day, and on every task, it is necessary to strive to see the deeper meaning and significance of the effort expended. I am passionate about my efforts, and I put effort into my passions. This has helped me to hone in my interest, which ironically took me in two completely different directions. I think that this dichotomy comes across throughout this portfolio, but each aspect is harmonized through the duality of my passion and effort. I do hope that this mentality will prove helpful as I continue discovering my life’s goal, and if you’re reading this in the future Julian, I hope you haven’t stopped seeing the beauty in it all.