Books for Review

Joseph Conrad Today seeks seeks qualified individuals interested in reviewing one or more of the following books on Conrad and other members of his literary circle.  We also have available for review a number of books on British and World modernisms.  

If you would like to write a review for JCT, please email the Book Review Editor, Lissa Schneider-Rebozo, at Elizabeth.schneider-rebozo@uwrf.eduand include the following information:

  • The titles you are most interested in reviewing (in order of preference)
  • A brief description of your professional credentials
  • A list of your areas of interest and expertise
We will get back to you promptly.

Available books for review:

Abravanel, Genevieve. Americanizing Britain: The Rise of Modernism in the Age of Entertainment Empire. (Oxford UP, 2012)

Bahun, Sanja. Modernism and Melancholia: Writing as Countermourning. (Oxford UP, 2013)

Bennett, Andrew, and Nicholas Royle. An Introduction to Literature, Criticism and Theory. (Routledge, 2016)

Blumberg, Ilana M. Victorian Sacrifice: Ethics and Economics in Mid-Century Novels. (Ohio State UP, 2013)

Bradbrook, M. C. Joseph Conrad: Poland's English Genius. (1941; reprint Cambridge UP, 2014)

Burden, Robert. Travel, Modernism and Modernity. (Routledge, 2015)

Curreli, Mario. Conrad in Italy. (Marie Curie-Sklodowsa UP, 2016)

Dalley, Lana L., and Jill Rappoport. Economic Women: Essays on Desire and Dispossession in Nineteenth Century British Culture. (Ohio State UP, 2013)

Davies, Laurence, ed. The Selected Letters of Joseph Conrad. (Cambridge UP, 2016)

Francis, Andrew. Culture and Commerce in Conrad's Asian Fiction. (Cambridge UP, 2015)

Freedman, William. Joseph Conrad and the Anxiety of Knowledge. (U of South Carolina P, 2014)

Gardner, Hunter, and Sheila Murnaghan. Odyssean Identities In Modern Cultures: The Journey Home. (Ohio State UP, 2014)

Haslam, Sara, and Seamus O’Malley. Ford Madox Ford and America. (Rodopi, 2012)

Jenkins, Melissa Shields. Fatherhood, Authority, and British Reading Culture, 1831-1907. (Ashgate, 2014)

Kalliney, Peter J. Commonwealth of Letters: British Literary Culture and the Emergence of Postcolonial Aesthetics. (Oxford UP, 2013)

Mazerierska, Ewa, and Michael Goddard. Polish Cinema: In a Transnational Context. (U of Rochester P, 2014)

McCarthy, Jeffery Mathes. Green Modernism: Nature and the English Novel, 1900 to 1930. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)

Peters, John G., ed. The Secret Sharer and Other Stories. (W. W. Norton, 2015)

Purdon, James. Modernist Informatics: Literature, Information, and the State. (Oxford UP, 2015)

Rizzuto, Nicole M. Insurgent Testimonies: Witnessing Colonial Trauma in Modern and Anglophone Literature. (Fordham UP, 2015)

Semenza, Greg M. Colón, and Bob Hasenfratz. The History of British Literature on Film, 1895-2015. (Bloomsbury, 2015)

Stape, J. H., ed. The New Cambridge Companion to Joseph Conrad. (Cambridge UP,  2014)

Stape, J. H., Alexandre Fachard, and Richard Niland, eds. Victory. (Cambridge UP,  2016)