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Past Graduates

Scott Wisdom
PhD Electrical Engineering, University of Washington, 2017
MS Electrical Engineering, University of Washington, 2014
BS Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder, 2010

Scott is currently at Google.

Machine learning, deep learning, statistical signal processing, source separation, audio and speech processing.

Tyler Ganter
MS Electrical Engineering, University of Washington, 2016
BS Electrical Engineering, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, 2013

Music Signal Processing, Audio Software Development, Cochlear Implants

Brad Ekin

MS Electrical Engineering, University of Washington, 2016

BS Electrical Engineering, Lake Superior State University, 2011

Spatial acoustics, sound quality, source separation, audio and speech processing, machine learning.
  Nicole Nichols
PhD Electrical Engineering - 2015
MS Electrical Engineering - 2010

Bio-acoustics, marine technology, classification and pattern recognition.

Passive Acoustic Killer Whale Identification
  Elliot Saba
MS 2014

Signals and systems theory, massively parallel processing and machine learning.

Extending the functionality of the Modulation Toolbox for MATLAB

Increasing the computational efficiency of Source Separation Using Complex Matrix Factorization

Modeling Functional Connectivity of Neuronal Oscillations using Widely Linear Systems
Eric Larson
PhD, University of Washington 2013
MSEE, Oklahoma State University 2008
BS, Oklahoma State University 2006

Eric is currently an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at SMU.

Applied signal processing, psycho-visual perception, Ubiquitous Computing and human-computer interaction, image processing and image coding

Xing Li
PhD Electrical Engineering - 2013
MS 2007 Institution of Electronics Chinese Academy Sciences

Xing is currently at Microsoft.

Audio processing, auditory scene analysis, cochlear implants, speech enhancement,  computer speech recognition

Speech and music coding for cochlear implants
Brian King
PhD Electrical Engineering - 2012
MS Electrical Engineering - 2008
BS Electrical Engineering - 2006

Brian King is currently at Amazon.

Single-channel source separation, non-negative and complex matrix factorization, noise removal, speech enhancement, and music technology

Source Separation Using Complex Matrix Factorization
Pascal Clark
PhD 2012
MS 2008
BS 2006

Pascal is currently at Apple.

New modulation signal models for acoustic phenomena, speech perception and recognition, stochastic signal processing, maximum likelihood estimation

Modulation Analysis of Cavitation Noise
Modulation Toolbox for MATLAB
Dan Tidwell
MS 2011
BS (Auburn University) - 2007

Dan Tidwell is currently a transmission planning engineer at Southern Company Services.

Identification of faults in machining processes

Real-Time Monitoring of Composite Drilling
Adam Greenhall
MS 2010

Adam is currently in the Wind Integration Research Lab at the University of Washington.
Patrick McVittie
MS 2007

Patrick is currently working at Berkeley National Labs on astronomical photo-detectors.

Qin Li
MS 2003

Qin is currently working at Microsoft.
Daniel Luong
MS 2008

Daniel is currently working at Crane Aerospace in Lynnwood, WA.
Cameron Colpitts
MS 2008

Cameron is currently the director of sales operations at Magnolia Medical Technologies. 
Scott Philips
PhD 2007
Scott is currently a researcher at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.
Steven Schimmel
PhD 2007

Steven currently works for Google in Zurich.
Brandon Smith
MS 2006

Brandon currently works for DTS.
Jon Cutter
MS 2006

Jon currently works for Raytheon.
Travis Wilkins
MS 2005
Travis currently works for Intel in Portland, OR.
John Keane
PhD 2004
A Framework for Molecular Signal Processing and Detection in Biological Cells

John is currently employed by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, where he is working for the Early Detection and Intervention Initiative.
Somsak Sukittanon
PhD 2004
“Modulation Scale Analysis: Theory and Application for Nonstationary Signal Classification”

Somsak is currently a professor at the University of Tennessee at Martin.
Jeff Thompson
MS 2003
“A non-uniform modulation transform for audio coding”

Jeff currently works at Neural Audio, in Kirkland, WA.
Brad Gillespie
PhD 2002
“Strategies for improving audible quality and speech recognition accuracy of reverberant speech”
Mark Vinton
MS 2001
“Design of a progressively scalable audio coding algorithm based on a two-dimensional transform”

Mark is currently employed by Dolby.
Jasha Droppo
PhD 2000
Time-frequency features for speech recognition

Jasha is currently working for the Speech Technology Group at Microsoft Research.
Michael Dougherty
MS 1999
“Acoustic identification of individual sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus)”

Michael Dougherty is co-founder of Redfin and a former Director of Strategy & Planning at Zillow. He then co-founded and was CEO of Quorus, which was acquired by Amazon.

Michael received a BS in Engineering and International Studies from Yale, and an MSEE from the University of Washington in 1999 from Prof. Atlas’ lab.
Lane Owsley
PhD 1998
“Classification of transient events in time series”
Jack McLaughlin
PhD 1997
Dissertation: “Applications of operator theory to time-frequency analysis and classification”

Jack currently works at the Applied Physics Lab at the University of Washington.
Siva Bala Narayanan
PhD 1996
“An operator theory approach to discrete time-frequency distributions”

Siva is currently the president and CEO of Minmini Corporation.

James Pitton
PhD 1994

James is currently an associate director of Ocean and Undersea Science at the Office of Naval Research and a principal engineer at the Applied Physics Lab at the University of Washington.
Jerome Connor
PhD 1993

Jerome is currently at Google DeepMind in London, UK.
Patrick Loughlin
PhD 1992

Patrick is currently a professor of bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh.

David "Pablo" Cohn
PhD 1992

Pablo is currently a Senior Research Scientist at Google.
Yunxin Zhao
PhD 1988

Yunxin is currently a professor in the computer science department at the University of Missouri-Columbia.