Innovations in Digital Signal Processing and Machine Learning

Interactive Systems Design Lab (ISDL). Led by Professor Les Atlas
Congratulation to ISDL Ph.D. student Eldridge Alcantera for receiving the 2018 University of Washington Excellence in Teaching Award.

Congratulations to ISDL Ph.D. students Scott Wisdom and Tommy Powers for receiving the Best student paper award from the 2017 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics for: S. Wisdom, T. Powers, J. Pitton, L. Atlas, "Deep Recurrent NMF for Speech Separation by Unfolding Iterative Thresholding," Proc. IEEE WASPAA, New Paltz, New York, October 2017.

Our lab is best known for initiating these key concepts:
From Atlas, Homma, Marks, "An Artificial Neural Network for Spatio-Temporal Bipolar Patterns: Application to Phoneme Classification," NIPS 1997.