Information and Society Center @ University of Washington

ISC Vision

The Information & Society Center (ISC) investigates social and cultural aspects of information studies. Collaborative and interdisciplinary, we bring together researchers known for their scientific rigor, creativity, and integrity to conduct focused, innovative research and develop practices around the power of information to transform society.

ISC Charter

  1. Build a member base around the ISC that includes faculty, staff, students, visitors, and institutions with a strong iSChool core and international relationships.
  2. Promote and integrate the research and practices of the ISC members within the iSchool and the UW; and among the academic and professional communities and the general public, including by organizing: (1) council meetings, (2) researcher/staff meetings, (3) speaker engagements, and (4) participating in activities offered by cognate organizations.
  3. Strengthen the research and teaching capacity on information and society topics at the iSchool by:
    1. Allocating the ISC's Research Cost Recovery (RCR) revenues and other resources;
    2. Identifying and pursuing fundraising and sustainability, particularly research and development opportunities for members' initiatives such as shared resource positions;
    3. identifying and advocating the student and curricular needs of the ISC community to the iSchool Academic Council, specifically regarding planning and revising courses, shaping programs and concentrations, scheduling clinics, hiring instructors, etc;
    4. Advocating on behalf of project members within the iSChool regarding administrative matters;
    5. Provide career and development opportunities for the ISC community; and
    6. Coordinating and integrating visitors within ISC and the iSchool.
  4. Support communication and dissemination of research results related to information and society topics.
  5. Measure the impact and success of the ISC's initiatives.