The Institute for Nuclear Theory (INT) will host a three-week  course July 9-27, 2018. The course is part of the TALENT initiative ("Training in Advanced Low-Energy Nuclear Theory") to develop a comprehensive program for training in low-energy nuclear theory (http://www.nucleartalent.org).

This course will introduce students to the exciting physics of fundamental symmetry tests and neutrino studies in nuclear physics, including implications for both the Standard Model and possible physics beyond the Standard Model. They primary objectives are:
  • Helping students and early post-docs become aware of the open challenges in fundamental symmetries and neutrinos and the broader context in which they reside.
  • Provide an introduction to some of the relevant theoretical methods for students whose interest may be piqued by the relevant open problems.
  • Enable students to develop appreciation for the questions this subfield seeks to address, the motivation for the significant experimental efforts underway, and the cross-disciplinary nature of this research.
The course will include:  
  • 45 hours of lectures, including 3 guest lectures
  • 36 hours of active learning + problem solving
  • 4+ hours of student presentations
Application deadline was March 15, 2018. We are no longer accepting applications.

We have admitted 22 students.