Taking Action with Kidney Disease

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A special thanks to

Lawrence Agodoa, MD, FACP

who made this all possible

Increasing Kidney Disease Awareness Network

(IKAN) Transplant Project Research team

 Connie Davis, MD

Andre Dick, MD

Georgia Galvin, MA

Courtney Rees, PhD

Janice Sabin PhD, MSW

Clarence Spigner, DrPH, MPH

Bessie A. Young, MD, MPH


Thank You to:

The patients and families who let us into their lives

Kevin Bateman

John Moore

Jessica Moore 

Laquanda Wilson

Cal and Glenda


Staff and Technicians:

James Stout, RN

Sandra Abrahamson, ARNP

Noah Shoenfeld, Dialysis Technician

Carol Toms, LICSW

Rick Weis, Dialysis Tech

Rudy Rodriguez, MD, Chief of Nephrology

Allison Greely RN, CNN

Carol Pettes, LPN

 William H. Tinnesand, RN


And to:

Jon Wynn, West Seattle Farmers Market

Jakes Deli West Seattle

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 Editor: Ken Kortge

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Michelle Mansfield

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