Honors 100

Hello one and most! Check here for resources/examples to help guide you on your portfolio path!

Donelyn Rollolazo            donelr@uw.edu

WELCOME SECTION BG! Some Words of Wisdom from me, your Honors 100 TA!

 Just the size of this campus will assure you that your college experience will be nothing like anyone else’s. The important part is making something out of your experience—to be productive—to do things you love and to really immerse yourself in the opportunities you’re only allowed here—to make a wave  (or splash) in the sea of people rather than just wading around. I’m here to motivate! My years on campus have graciously allowed me to meet hundreds of students at this university. Hearing their stories and thoughts on the future have helped me to craft my own identity. I’ve learned that the only way to grow is to be uncomfortable, to stretch myself, to learn how to stumble and to trust that if I start to fall there’s a safety net of advisers, classmates and friends to catch me. Never again will you be in this situation. Enjoy this time as a student among others your age, on a beautiful campus with countless opportunities to get involved, meet hundreds of people, and leave feeling like you’ve gained more than just a degree.


And that was an example of how fancy and inspirational your writing gets after 3 years in college! Just joshin’. So, several concrete details about moi. I am a fourth year student majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. I love to paint, listen to music, take pictures and wear scarves. I am not a hipster—just a trapped bird waiting to spread its artistic wings! My favorite number is 4. I’ve lived in the res halls the past three years, two of which I was a RA for the Honors Community. I studied social justice and activism abroad this past summer in Bangalore, India and am a member in two engineering clubs and the Honors Student Advisory Panel.