About Me

Donelyn Rollolazo
Undergraduate, Materials Science and Engineering

This portfolio showcases the (by)products of several of my engineering courses relevant to my future path. I once believed that a degree in engineering could only lead to a career as an engineer in a high tech company, but now I hope to use my learnt skills to actively alleviate the injustices of those in the developing world as an employee for a non-profit.

My goal is to someday research for a non-profit-- to find the more cost efficient and environmentally and culturally sensitive alternatives to current methods for completing daily routines (eg. obtaining safer drinking water, sanitation, supplying cheaper and more abundant fuel for cooking) that inhibit citizens of the third world to live a healthy and fulfilling life. I'm obligated to use my natural knack for the sciences to give back and  empower those who don't have access to the necessities of life, let alone a sufficient education. A recent trip to Bangalore, India at the crossroads of poverty and technology made this all too apparent to me.

Via this line of work I can utilize my education in engineering to fulfill my interest in human rights and sustainability. Though my coursework extensively covers the fundamentals of all materials science and engineering, this portfolio focuses on showcasing my transferable skills rather than my knowledge: my written proposal and poster are examples of collaborative communication artifacts, my literature review shows in depth analysis skills necessary to support proposals and grants, and my resume strives to convey my work beyond engineering courses. 

I hope you find this tour of my journey as an engineer both intriguing and informative.