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GreenLaw members have the option of participating in one or more Pro Bono projects during their time at UW Law, which provide opportunities for students to gain substantive legal experience within a specific area of environmental law. 

2012-2013 Pro Bono Projects: TBD

Summary of Winter 2011/Spring 2012 Pro Bono Projects:

There are three project options available. GreenLaw is still working on determining whether we will have enough interest to take on all projects or whether we will only work on one or two during the Winter quarter and your feedback will help us make this decision.

  • Project 1 (public trust/climate change litigation): We will prepare an amicus brief for a climate change case centered around the theory that the state has an obligation to regulate climate change as part of its public trust obligation. This project will consist primarily of legal research. 
  • Project 2 (520 bridge/climate change litigation): We will prepare an amicus brief related to the Puget Sound Regional Council's (PSRC) adoption of its Transportation 2040 goals. Many parties, including the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe and Tahoma Audubon Society argue that the environmental impact statement released by PSRC failed to consider the impact its transportation vision would have on future generations, which is required by many legal authorities. Additionally, the environmental impact statement does not adequately address growing environmental concerns that might violate the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, making the State of Washington potentially liable under both. This project will consist of both legal research and writing.
  • Project 3 (state water law): This project will consist of researching and preparing a written overview of state enforcement efforts relating to instream flow protection and water quality laws, in salmon bearing streams and rivers.