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Course Description

Food is a defining issue of our time.   Linked with the Eating Your Environment Seminar series, students in this course will have the opportunity to meet in a small group setting with leaders from across the food movement.  We all come to the issue of food from different angles – agriculture, community, nutrition, anthropology and more.   Ultimately everyone is united around the issue of food by a simple fact - everyone eats.  As the quarter progresses we will endeavor to unite our divergent perspectives into a holistic understanding of food and its broad environmental impacts.    The class will include discussions, readings, lectures, and student reflection.   Students will be responsible for weekly readings and reflections corresponding to the topic of the visiting lecturer. The course will culminate in a final project through which students will synthesize the major food topics that we cover during the semester.  

Course Goals: 

By the end of the course students will:

Be able to articulate the complex and often interconnected issues related to food (production, consumption, distribution, etc.)

Understand the sometimes competing ideals of local, national and global food policy.


                   Class Participation................................................20%

                   Blog Posts (short - 1 per class meeting)...............40%

                   Blog Post (Long - once during the quarter)...........20%

                   Final Project (creative summary of our learning)...20%


Each student will be responsible for posting to the course blog before each class (Monday/Wednesday) a reflection on the reading/ conversation.   This blog post is your ticket to attending the class.  I am asking that students do this because, I want some assurance that students are doing the reading and thinking about it before they arrive in class.    Once during the quarter students will lead the blog discussion by writing a reflective blog entry that helps spark discussion and dialog.  This entry should be based on the readings, but can also weave in outside material.  Longer blog posts should be posted 36 hours before the upcoming class.    The final project criteria are still evolving, but it will generally be a creative expression (perhaps done in groups) of our learning experience this quarter!   Lastly - this class is a discussion based class.  A large part your grade will be based on your participation - I expect active, attentive listeners, and respectful dialog.