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MW 2:30-4:20, Th 2:30-3:20 in Physics-Astro A118
Instructor: Prof. Gerald Seidler
PHYS217,'Energy Future', addresses the technical and social barriers to large-scale sustainable energy production.  The only prerequisites for the class are a good grasp of basic mathematics (algebra, only -- no calculus) and an enthusiasm to learn about a core issue for the day-to-day lives, and future careers, of every UW student.

All main course readings are available free online (see the course reading page).  The lead technical text will be "Sustainable Energy: Without the Hot Air" by Prof.David MacKay. This will be supplemented with similarly highly-reliable and highly-readable sources on the social impact of energy policy and availability, global climate change, energy efficiency measures, economic opportunity in a sustainable energy society. The lectures will often include presentations or materials from UW faculty members involved in research on sustainable energy and closely related topics (especially in the Thursday lecture hour).

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