What is "Engaged Public Scholarship"?
When my academic career is all said and done, I want to have helped it get said, and worked to get it done.  For me, this is what engaged public scholarship is all about: working as a conduit and a facilitator for communication between the "ivory tower" academic world and the other publics that it is attempting to serve, and then being a part of the actions that each group takes as they inform and learn from each other.  So in practice, I actually view "academia" as one of many publics that I myself serve, and I define "scholarship" as the intellectual work done by formally and informally educated people that is used to inform practice.

The artifacts in this portfolio archive chronicle my efforts in engaged public scholarship as I see it.  There are documents from my academic work, articles I've written for an internet magazine, blog posts, and some of my attempts at using digital images for public scholarship.  And even though I primarily address education, popular culture, and critical media literacy, the subject matter and nature of the scholarship is still extremely varied.  Sometimes it's serious and technical with all types of big words, while at other times it's humorous (at least I hope it is!) and down-to-earth.  I'm attempting to learn how to be both at the same time, sometimes even within one artifact!  Whether it's polysyllabic and full of jargon, or easy-to-read and contains the occasional four-letter word (sorry, Mom), I want to be provocative and informative, and promote the types of conversations and interactions between publics that epitomize engaged public scholarship... as I see it.
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