Supporting Infrastructure

cPRO is a LAMP-based system, that is, it uses the Linux operating system running Apache web server, MySQL database server, and PHP. Linux systems are commonly and easily configured to run these services. Most of the cPRO system is deployable to Windows-based servers, and an abstraction layer allows it use other database servers as well, eg Microsoft SQL Server. As such, it is easily hosted on common web infrastructures.


The system can be deployed in a number of ways:

On your traditional web infrastructure

As noted in the technology section, DHAIR is deployable to common web infrastructures.

In a Docker/Kubernetes container

We can offer guidance for deploying cPRO in containerized environments.

As a virtual appliance running on your web infrastructure

We can supply a cPRO virtual appliance, which is a LAMP-based virtual machine system deployable to common virtual server infrastructures.

Hosted by the University of Washington's Clinical Informatics Research Group

The UW's Clinical Informatics Research Group has hosted dozens of cPRO systems (along with many other research and usual care systems) on their enterprise-level infrastructure, for use by clinical and research teams domestically and internationally.