cPRO is used in a variety of health domains, including oncology (see DHAIR), HIV care, psychology, community health care, medication adherence, and diabetes-care.

Selected Peer-reviewed Abstracts and Publications (recent first)
  • Open Source Computerized Patient Reported Outcomes: Research and Practice across Three Domains; Justin McReynolds, Heidi M. Crane, Donna L. Berry, Seth Wolpin, William B. Lober; AMIA 2013 Annual Symposium (distinguished poster award) [abstract  and poster available as attachments at the bottom of this page]
  • Kennedy-Sheldon L, Hilaire D, Berry DL. Provider Verbal Responses to Patient Distress Cues During Ambulatory Oncology Visits. Oncol Nurs Forum In press
  • Integrating a web-based, patient-administered assessment into primary care for HIV-infected adults
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  • Migrating from a legacy fixed-format measure to CAT administration: calibrating the PHQ-9 to the PROMIS depression measures.
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