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Process & Procedures


Unless otherwise noted, the following method will be utilized for all official Computing Directors votes.

Vote Eligibility:  Voting is restricted to Current Voting Members.

    Passage of a Vote:  A vote will pass if a quorum of members approve the item in question.

      Voting system:  The voting system must authenticate each individual, and provide an auditable log of the vote's outcome. The choice of a tool is that of the chair. Acceptable tools in the past have included Catalsyt WebQ .

      Bert's Rules of Order

      Meetings are conducted according to "Bert's Rules", a simplified version of Robert's Rules of Order.

      Officer Selection

      The Chair

      The Chair shall be elected annually at the May meeting by ballot of all voting members present. Nominations will be taken from the floor and the vote taken for Chair. Members may nominate themselves or others. Nominees may decline to stand for election. The vote shall be repeated until such time one candidate receives a majority vote. In cases where there are more than two nominees, if no one gets a majority vote the person with the lowest number of votes and any person receiving zero votes shall be dropped from the ballot and the vote repeated.  The Chair shall take office immediately, and shall serve until his/her successor is duly elected and installed.


      Members of the Group volunteer to serve as meeting facilitators semi-annually. Each Group member should have an opportunity to serve as facilitator once before any member serves a second time.


      Members have an opportunity to volunteer to serve as Scribe at the start of each meeting. If no volunteers are forthcoming, the Facilitator may appoint a Scribe.

      Add Agenda or Minutes to the site

      • The Facilitator develops the agenda, and is responsible for distributing it and posting the agenda.
      • The Scribe takes notes and is responsible for posting the minutes and notifying the members when they're available.