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Minutes 2012-09-20


    1. UW-IT Governance committees are forming
      1. Three boards: IT Strategy, IT Service Investment, and IT Service Management
      2. Computing Directors to participate on Service Management
        1. Rotating (2-year) basis
        2. Starting with Mark Baratta, Scott Barker, John Drew, Barb Prentiss, and Betsy Tippens
        3. Kick off meeting is October 26
    2. CDWG concerns report from Marc Morrison
      1. Met with Claudia at UW Purchasing; principal issues are
        1. Response times
        2. Lack of cooperation
        3. Not tracking licensing purchases as promised
    3. Verizon Government Plans
      1. iPhone $60/month, 450 minutes, unlimited data and messages
      2. MiFi $35/month, unlimited data
      3. Contact Marc Morrison for more info

Membership Rules

  1. Reviewed proposed rules for adding voting members:  https://sites.google.com/a/uw.edu/compdirs/home/organization
  2. Discussion about scope of Computing Directors to Academic departments only or to include administrative units
  3. Amendment approved by vote to grandfather in existing members
  4. Vote passed to adopt first section – two paths to voting membership

HR/Payroll system replacement project - Lisa Yeager (UW-IT)

  1. Existing system is payroll only, HR features tacked on
  2. Business process redesign happening over next 6-9 months
  3. Looking for a managed solution, based on existing product, hosted off site
  4. RFP to be released 9/24/2012
  5. Requirements are based on expected future state of workflow, not on current payroll/HR workflows
  6. Pathology time/leave system (used by several large units) needs attention in migration plan
  7. Will return to Computing Director meetings quarterly with updates

Updates from Tom Lewis (UW-IT)

Looking for a managed solution, based on existing product, hosted off site

    1.    Office 365 update

i.      Delays and obstacles, largely in Microsoft’s court at this time

ii.      October Live@edu clients to be renamed @myuw.net to avoid collisions during main migrations

iii.      January to begin migration from UW Exchange

1.       Migration triggered by user request via MyUW (opt in to departmental support)

2.       Messages larger than 25MB will not be transferred

iv.      Office 365 accounts and consumer Outlook.com accounts are distinct. A user could create an Outlook.com consumer account named something@uw.edu and be confused about where their account lives and how the data is protected.

    2.      Canvas LMS rollout

i.      Fall 2012 courses are in the system

    3.       Widespread availability of the Tegrity lecture and presentation capture technology

i.      Very popular and successful

ii.      Tegrity Manager launched allows creation of arbitrary courses and recordings by anyone with a UW NetID

    4.      eText pilots

i.      No current solutions very viable

ii.      In pilot, so far, responses from faculty and students not enthusiastic

    5.      Remote access to high-end software with ViDA

i.      Production service that will be grown

    6.        Coursera "Massive Open Online Course" initiative

    7.       Space Scout and other student-focused mobile applications

i.      iPhone app available, browser & Android coming soon

Review of meeting and close

Next meeting will be Thursday, Oct. 18, 2PM, Allen Library Petersen room