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Minutes 2012-08-16

Announcements, future topics, and ideas session

    1. Marc Morrison agreed to take the lead in working with Purchasing to address problems with current CDWG software licensing contract.
    2. Erik Lundberg announced that there were still a few spaces open for the October 17-19 ITIL Foundations training.
    3. Tom Lewis was unavailable for today's meeting, resulting in an abbreviated agenda.

STF/UW-IT Student and Faculty/Staff Storage Project

Kris Shaw gave an update on the storage project.      A detailed summary was provided on the back of the agenda.    Only home directories will be provided.   It will activate automatically for students, faculty and staff will have to activate it via the manage NetID pages.   Early access for testing is available, contact Kris.

Kuali Curriculum Management and MyPlan

Jill Yetman was unable to attend.  Darcy Van Patten gave an overview of the current plans for Student Information Services.   There will be limited improvements on legacy systems as UW-IT develops new services.   Near term projects include MyPlan, Financial Aid Self-Service, Curriculum Management (next year), and CRM proof of concept using Microsoft CRM.

Curriculum Management is still in the design phase.   It will be the first Kuali Student module.   It will allow for creation and modifcation of courses and programs, along with dependency analysis.  Work for FY13 includes development of the structured data required for the UW Course Catalog.   FY14 will see the addition of workflow for academic programs and additional data.  Longer term will include non-credit learning offerings.   The service will include both campus workflow procedures as well as college and unit internal procedures.

MyPlan will be in pilot starting on September 12, and broad marketing to the general student population in November.   It will NOT work with IE6 or IE7, but should work with the other web browsers.    The current service will allow for tracking degree progress, searching for courses, bookmark courses of interest, multi-quarter academic plan,  and advisor feedback.   Year 2 plans include the ability to audit academic plan, provide a mobile application, and allow for pre-registration planning, advisor created
sample plans, validating pre-requisite and other rules.   For more details to go http://depts.washington.edu/myplan.

Review of meeting and close

Next meeting will be Thursday, Sept. 20, 2PM, Allen Library Petersen room
Mark Joseph Baratta,
Aug 29, 2012, 10:20 AM