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Announcements, future topics, and ideas session

  1. Managed print plan - Erik
    • Difference between this and Creative Communications offering
    • We will be inviting the folks responsible for the potential engagements to present to computing directors
        2.  Costing Study Fallout – Erik
    • Identified the next steps/obstacles to be addressed in a potential “pilot”
      • Institutional Will
      • IT Governance
      • Funding
    • They are planning to launch the next phase – we will be engaged through a subgroup of computing directors. E-mail Erik if you want to take part. 

Comments on current CDW-G desktop/laptop contract with Purchasing:

We are in year 2 of this plan, they would like to have comments on how well it has gone.
  • Repair issues, taking too long to get the equipment back (NBD is not really NBD)
  • Sales people do not seem to know what it takes, and interest in resolving issues is low.
  • HP desktops and laptops cheap…but we are getting what we pay for. They fall apart too quickly.
  • We have begun moving to Lenovo for laptops. Better equipment, better pricing.
  • Dell also appears to be providing better quality and/or pricing.
  • The Contract states that these should be above consumer grade, but that’s what we feel like we are getting.
  • CDW’s server offerings also appear to be sub par. We don’t have a contract with them, but does not bode well.
  • CDW-G as a reseller as opposed to the manufacturer has created an extra layer of hassle.
  • Business review coming up in May, they will send info to computing directors to enable our participation.
  • Should we do a comparison to determine who has actually switched over.
  • Problem: STF mandating use of this contract for any proposals. 
Discussion about leasing IT gear as an alternative for hardware refresh issues.

E-Text Pilot:

  • Project Goals - Handout
    • Give access to high quality educational resources. 
    • Enable new tools for teaching and Learning
    • Evaluate Pilots to learn how best to support
    • Best Practices
    • Drive down the costs.
  • Evaluation and Assessment
    • 2 vendors currently under evaluation
      • CourseLoad
        • Simple design
        • Developers from Angel
        • From a Course standpoint
        • More contextual tools
        • More resolution on notes, tagging, on page
        • Search a little less optimal. 
        • Visually scan between pages (remembering look of page)
        • Can also print out notes. 
        • Sharing doesn't usually happen through e-mail, but collaborative notes can be shared easily. 
        • Required to use textbook 
        • Can upload other content (like PowerPoint docs) and annotate
      • CourseSmart
        • Clean design
        • Started by publishers, look at it from a " Book" standpoint
        • Graphics represented in full color, print version same as digital version
        • Table of contents on menu bar
        • Search features are strong
        • Note taking function for pages (can be printed)
        • Sharing for pages (links by e-mail
        • Focused on student choice whether to have virtual textbook or not. 
      • Comments:
        • Interoperability between textbook readers? 
          • Not that we have seen.
        • Is the dream to pick a single platform? 
          • It's still really early in the market, vendor offerings are expected to change. 
          • Nobody has emerged with everything we wanted.
          • No intention to go into a permanent contract with either, will probably go with multiple. 
          • Other schools are not doing it this way. 
          • These two vendors will change over this time, but they may not be the successful vendors. 
        • Students will expect to be able to use this across all devices or consoles (web page, kindle, etc.). 
          • It's not there. We are focusing on browser based, because it can be ubiquitous. 
          • It's worth noting that publishers are scared. 
          • We are watching a group at educause which is focused on reviewing the etext question. 
    • How to target broad adoption?
      • They are recruiting for summer and fall course pilots
      • They do offer one on one demos as requested. Usually for faculty that wish to adopt, e-mail them. 

UW-IT supported Cloud Storage for Students, STF proposal:

  • Problem: All the virtual computing structures available across campus do not do a good job of facilitating storage moving from one architecture to another. 
  • They looked at a lot of the free cloud storage solutions like skydrive, dropbox, googledocs, but found the limitations to be onerous (slow, local requirements, etc.)
  • They considered a local file server solution, but the same problem from moving data department to department remained. 
  • Looking at STF funded UW-IT provided solution with partnership to shared across many other units on campus. 
    • Leverage CIFS or SFTP as mount points. 
    • UWNetID management console will allow students to manage the quotas in this space (this is pretty slick!). 
    • This would create a drive automatically mounted at login. 
    • Facilitates snapshots for data backup and recovery. 
    • Faculty and Staff will soon see a different proposal that will roughly be doing the same thing. 
    • Might enable roaming profiles
  • UW-IT provides backups, monitoring and central server hardware support. 
    • Reliance on STF for continued funding is a risk. Possible that they will not over time.
      • Dependence on UWWI authentication. 
        • Naming conventions may transition to something more standard (they are proposing an "H:" drive) 
          • This was piloted in statistics classes last summer. 
            • They are only proposing this for a one year commitment
              • Questions:
                • Direct departmental IT access to user files for support. 
                • You can only tie yourself to 1 support org (UW-IT)
                • Quotas, how to increase, how big is default (5 GB as base, optional up to 10 GB speculated)?
                • This proposal was not limited to Seattle (Bothell and Tacoma students included)
              • This appears to be unanimously supported by those attending meeting. 
                • Should we comment on this proposal as an organization (Compdirs)?
                  • They will e-mail proposal to Mark Baratta or Ron Kline.  (See StudentFileStorageProposal.pdf, below.)

                Review of meeting and close

                Next meeting will be Thursday, 15 March 2012, 2PM, Allen Library Petersen room
                Mark Baratta,
                Feb 29, 2012, 2:18 PM