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Minutes 2011-02-24


Ideas and Announcements


  1. COMPDIRS mailing list has been pruned down to just the membership, same people as on the new CompDirs website that Erik created.   Other non-members were informed and removed.
  2.  A special announcement only list has been setup.   This list is designed so anyone can be on it, members and non-members
  3.  Sandra McGowan is looking for volunteers to re-negotiate the Microsoft Campus Agreement. She would like 2-3 people.  Kole Kantner, Erik Lundberg, Marc Elvy, and Kevin Flemming volunteered.  Names will be forward to Sandra and she can select.
  4.  Erik has published the new CompDirs website, and will share the new URL.  It will be a public site, but anyone on the committee can have edit access.   Everyone needs a UW google apps account to get access.  Send Erik a note if needed and can't get access.  Erik is also working on the possibility of a vanity URL.
  5.  Richard asked that is members have comments or complaints, or simply suggestions to make the meetings better, send them to compdirs-planning@uw.edu
  6.  Kevin Flemming has started working on a School of Medicine IT group.  They are thinking about school-wide strategy as opposed to everyone working independently across departments.  They have started meeting every two weeks to try and work together.  Calendaring, common help desk/help tracking system, storage, among the topics being discussed.  There are 32 departments in the School of Medicine.  Kevin and Chuck estimate at least a hundred IT staff.
  7.  Melissa Albin reminded everyone to please respond to education survey from CISO office.

Enterprise Storage

Bill Jordan met with Brad Greer of UW IT, and Chance Reschke from eScience Institute.   There are some very robust offerings from those groups that might meet a chunk of departmental storage needs.   Chance feels they could easily scale and drop their per GB storage cost significantly were there more demand.  Brad’s group has lots of expertise with IBM storage, and they have aggressive pricing.  Quick estimate of 70 terabytes for around $70k with a 3 year support contract.


Richard Coffey presented a proposal for ex officio membership and recommending particular members for this year, include UW IT, CISO, ASUW, GPSS, and LST.


Erik Lundberg suggested student reps could be bored with many topics. Perhaps student tech fee president would be a better fit. 


There is some concern the list of people could get too large.


Voting question is still problematic. 


Richard stated the next step is to get a list of people and vote on that, and discuss other issues later.  Suggests we send in people that we think are important to be on the ex-officio list.


MOTION: Bill Jordan moved to table, Kirk seconded, Harry amended that a subcommittee be formed to come up with a list of ex-officio members.  Amended motion passed unanimously.


Harry Edmon will head committee.


Tech Fee Update


Ron Kline mentioned that there was a recent executive session and he was asked to leave meeting, couldn’t say much more.


Did indicate that stats for usage are especially important to the committee, as is the ability for people outside the department to use facilities.


Erik Lundberg mentioned that his proposal is going to be reviewed a second time.   Others said they heard the same.   Some discussion of what happened, but many details not available.


Karalee Woody shared some details on the tech fee review process and reminded everyone that the importance of being open and transparent with the committee is high. 


UW ID Cards – Ann Gigli and Josh Kavanagh


Discussion on new ID cards, talk today was targeted at Seattle campus, some differences for Bothell/Tacoma.


Big message, faculty, staff, and students MUST have a photo on a new Husky card if they want to use U-Pass.


Lots of systems are fed from HuskyCard database; CAAMS, parking, dining, etc.


Focusing on getting new cards out this spring on students who aren't graduating, and to all U-Pass users.  They are the most motivated to get new cards as it will be required to take busses.  Many cards are being printed offline, student will come and pickup.  Faculty and staff are not as motivated, so will though a similar process as is used for distributing parking passes through departmental payroll coordinators.


There will be a couple of activation methods to switch from old card to new.  Can self-activate via website or will auto activate by a particular date.


Communication will begin this spring.


Process has been in the works for at least 8 years, Kirk says 15!


Holding off a bit on communication currently until all technical issues are resolved. 


Technology change is that cards will have RFID chip in them, not just a mag strip.   Two serial numbers will be in the chip on the card. One is a clear text serial number and the second is a number for user identification that is encrypted.


There could be implications for departmental or local systems that use old mag stripe with the new card, but they don’t have any central information on who is doing what with the old cards.


One reason related to delay in implementation is that there are 7 different bureaucracies to coordinate with (UW, multiple regional transit authorities etc.). There are some limitation as a result to what UW can ask and what others want. For example 10 trips of trip data are stored on the card to deal with fair transfers/payment issues. From UW perspective might be better to have less data stored on the card to insure rider privacy, but we also have to meet the needs of the other agencies.


Will never be the case where everyone on campus has this new card in their pocket.   Always will be stragglers, don’t plan on building departmental systems that assume everyone will have the card.


October will be an opt-in process for added people to get the new HuskyCard and at that point the possibility for secondary uses of RFID chip become more feasible. Those secondary uses (for example printing/copying, departmental solutions) are likely to rollout in early 2012.


IT Costing Study


Tim Hunt gave fast overview of the IT costing study currently in process.  24 schools are in the first phase.  A committee with CompDirs representation has  gone through existing UW IT services to generate a list of services that might be offered by departments.   Departments are being asked for staffing levels, applications we support on the list, etc.


Consulting group (WTC) is meeting one on one with departments to look at this service lines, and give departments an opportunity to add additional items.   At completion WTC produced a spreadsheet of specific set of things the need information on - like server replacement cost, physical vs. virtual servers.  We fill in the blanks and then they can compare the costs.


Phase one is planned to end in mid may, then will expand to more units.


Tim will more detailed info to group via email.


Aggregated data will be able to be reviewed by computing directors group, to help with synthesis.  Richard indicated this was an important task for our group to be engaged with.


Meeting adjourned, 4:03pm.