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Agenda 2012-09-20

1:45pm:   Pre-meeting snacks
2:00pm:   Announcements
                    IT Service Management Board
2:05pm:   Discussion of draft membership guidelines
                    Voting Members:
                        Please be sure to review the draft membership guidelines on the compdirs wiki prior to the meeting.
2:25pm:   Update on HR/Payroll system replacement project
                    Lisa Yeager, UW-IT
2:55pm:   Break
3:00pm:   Updates from Tom Lewis, UW-IT:
                    Office 365
                    Canvas LMS rollout
                    Widespread availability of the Tegrity lecture and presentation capture technology
                    eText pilots
                    Remote access to high-end software with ViDA
                    Coursera "Massive Open Online Course" initiative
                    Space Scout and other student-focused mobile applications
3:55pm:    Review and close