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IT Costing Subgroup - Minutes 2011-06-23

At this mid-point in the Campus IT Costing Study, with the first round coming to an end, WTC provided a status update, and has some observations and recommendations to share.  Round Two will begin soon (participants are being selected now), and is expected to be wrapped up around the end of summer.

The consultants reiterated that the study is about "discovery", and not about micro-managing spending decisions, and to seek opportunities for improvement in the delivery of IT services across the institution.  During this week, they presented a status update to each of the UW committees involved in the study. One factoid:  the IT spend in salaries for the Round One group is around $15M.  One observation:  the IT staff in the units tend to be generalists, and in central IT, staff tend to specialize more (spread across many, or just a few BPSEs, respectively).  

There are 120 BPSEs in total, and they have been categorized into 23 categories.

WTC has identified four areas with good potential for developing new strategies for service delivery across the institution:
  • End-user devices
  • Commodity Services
    • Server management
    • File and storage management
    • Database administration
    • Collaboration Tools
  • Learning Management
  • Email and calendaring
The two areas that seem to generate the most interest in discussions with the Steering Committee are End-user Devices and Server Management as a commodity service.  The Steering Committee wants the Computing Directors to be part of this process.

Next Steps

WTC has recommended an approach for developing those strategies:
  1. Define the objective and key variables to consider.
  2. Form a team, with involvement of both distributed and central IT.
  3. Conduct pilots, involving on-premises and cloud-based solutions.
  4. Build cost models and functional test for each alternative.
  5. Build a business case.
  6. Select a strategy and develop a roadmap.
  7. Secure adequate funding for success (added by CompDir team)
The intention is to maintain momentum, and start that work now, in parallel with Round Two.  They suggest membership of the test teams for each strategy involve two units from Round One, two from Round Two, two from UW-IT, and possibly two others.


Scott Barker, Harry Edmon, Tim Hunt, Erik Lundberg (ch), Ed Mulligan, Barb Prentiss, Mark Rector, Betsy Bradsby (UW), Phillip Beidelman (WTC)Ann-Marie Lancaster (WTC)Ginny Schroeder (WTC)