Kids Can Make a Difference!
 Intermediate Resources to Inspire Activism 

{Andrea Zager - LIS 565 - Fall 2016}

Learn about hundreds of opportunities 
positively impact communities.
[72 char.]

Two Pakistani youth stand up and speak out for what is right.
[63 char.]

From fundraising to fighting climate change, 
45 children who made the world a better place.
[93 char.]

 A fictional story about a real problem, Mimi finds a way to fix it.
[70 char.]

Come along for the ride as Leo's bike travels from 
North America to West Africa to serve a greater purpose. 
Based on a true story.
[130 char.]

One passionate voice speaks for the environment 
and is heard around the world.
[78 char.]

A young readers edition of the best-selling memoir, 
the story of William's windmill will blow you away.
[104 char.] 

Filmed in the slums of India, 
three children become agents of change.
[69 char.]

Comprehensive set of online resources for 
children interested in volunteerism.
[78 char.]

A website that connects kids with the causes they care about.
[61 char.]