About Me


Having lived in Seattle since my family moved here from Louisiana when I was young, I am fascinated by how each of these cultural identities make me unique.  With deep roots in the south and a west coast upbringing it is my hope that these two identities will bring a well-rounded and grounded viewpoint to arguments involving race relations and power.  It is my  hopes to apply my knowledge in Cultural Studies to a career in involving cultural geography, urban planning and other ongoing research projects.

Portfolio Advisor: Ron Krabill
Research interests: Critical race theory, curriculum reform, racial identity formation, institutionalized racism having to do with its historical roots and its lasting effects, cultural production, urban geography, place, space and identity,  mass incarceration of black youth, social inequality

Capstone Advisor: Christian Anderson
Capstone Proposal: Broadly I want to explore how geographic space and spaces form, influence, and represent particular identities within a city, community, or neighborhood.  By examining particular sites in the city that are changing due to the gentrification and or urbanization of Seattle I would like to look at how existing identities in certain areas will adapt or perish within that change.

Academic background: University of Washington Seattle; degree in American Ethnic Studies, minor in Diversity.