Advances in transport and response properties of strongly interacting systems

ECT* Trento, Italy - May 2-6, 2016

Dear Colleague,

We would like to draw your attention to the workshop entitled “Advances in transport and response properties of strongly interacting systems” that will take place from May 2-7 at The European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT*) in Trento (Italy).  The workshop will bring together researchers in different fields to discuss recent advances in computationally intense numerical methods for extracting the transport and response properties of strongly interacting many-body systems (cold atomic gases, the quark-gluon plasma, neutron stars).

Talks will be divided into afternoon sessions with technical contributions highligting advances in methodology and morning sessions with more focus on physics applications and connections to experiments.

ECT* provides a dedicated and structured combination of scientific activities for a large international scientific community. It allows for discussing new ideas and the most recent and exciting results in nuclear physics in the most stimulating environment of Villa Tambosi, a late XVIII century villa located near Trento (Italy). For more information on the workshop, see http://www.ectstar.eu/node/1657 .

We hope very much that you will be able to participate and help provide the highest level of scientific content to all workshop participants. Local support (lodging and meals) will be provided upon availability of funds, we expect however a substantial part of the participants to be self supported. Please let us know in advance if you need funding in order to facilitate your participation.
In case you would like additional information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With best regards ,
the organizers

Yannis Burnier (EPFL)
Jeremy W. Holt (Texas A&M)
Alessandro Lovato (ANL)
Alessandro Roggero (INT)