Delegates, club leaders, and advisors,

It is my honor to invite you to Seattle for the 2016 University of Washington Security Conference (S|CON). Held May 14-15, 2016 on the beautiful University of Washington campus, S|CON is UW-MUN's innovative international crisis simulation conference, wherein delegates and cabinets undertake directives in response to events as the crisis unfolds. In the fog of crisis, mistakes are made, and actions have unintended consequences, but great delegates find solutions through quick-thinking and compromises. Our hard working staff, composed of Committee Directors, Simulations/Intelligence Officers, and the diligent members of the International Press Corps team (who will keep delegates across all cabinets updated on the latest news of developments through our live-updated news blog), will work with delegates and the Secretariat to produce an engaging and enriching experience for all.

Delegates will be empowered with unique powers, perspectives, and plans to inform their decisions throughout the conference, representing positions in government and other capacities. S|CON's fast-pace requires diplomatic, strategic, and out-of-the box thinking, with a wide array of unforeseeable scenarios awaiting delegates. At S|CON, we take pride in providing a unique conference where all cabinets operate in conjunction with one another, each capable of influencing the conference's outcome.

Registration is open to all collegiate schools, teams, and individuals interested in attending. If you are not associated with a collegiate MUN team or are a MUN team from outside the Pacific Northwest/SW Canada, please contact me at the email below before registering! The delegate fee is $40 and the delegation fee is $40. We can also assist your delegation with finding lodging upon request.

On behalf of the Secretariat and our hard working staff, we invite you to S|CON 2016. Registration is now open, and please do not hesitate to contact myself, or any of the Secretariat with your questions or concerns. 

We look forward to seeing you in May!

Globally yours,

Wyatt Fisher
Secretary-General, S|CON 2016