Our Documents, Our Stories

Here we have gathered
Documents from the Founding and Development of the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh

This digital collection begins with special letters that were written by the earliest Unitarians who settled west of the Allegheny Mountains in the years from 1825 to 1850.  The letters are identified by the author of the letter, not the recipient.  The Rev. Charles Elliott St. John arrived in Pittsburgh in October 1891.  Soon, he and the church secretary, Miss Mary Lyman, sent letters to former members of the church requesting they write back about its very early years.

These documents were compiled by Kathleen R. Parker, Ph.D. with support from the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program and the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh,

The following archival institutions have given permission for the documents at this site to be digitally reproduced.  Any use of these documents must reference the institutions where the originals are held, as indicated in each case:

  • Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Cambridge, MA
  • Senator John Heinz Regional History Center, Pittsburgh, PA