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The Rev. Chris J. Antal was installed as the Called and Settled Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Rock Tavern on Sunday, March 22, 2015

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Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation
at Rock Tavern, a liberal religious community where members and friends gather to support each other in our spiritual journeys and to give service to the wider world of which we are a part.  We are a congregation of 73 voting members (and many friends who often attend services and participate in activities), and we have Lifespan Religious Exploration programs for children and adults.   

Our Sunday 
services start at 10:30 a.m. and are followed by a coffee hour.   Our address is 
9 Vance Road, Rock Tavern, NY  Our telephone number is 845-496-9696.  Our mailing address is:   P.O. Box 502 
Washingtonville, NY 


As a UUA-certified Welcoming Congregation, the UUCRT publicly welcomes lesbian, gay, and transgender people and 
honors their contributions to our community and to society.

The Unitarian Universalist Peace Ministry Network named the
Unitarian Universalist at Rock Tavern as the tenth official Peace Advocacy Congregation in September, 2015.

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Unitarian Universalism is a liberal, non-creedal religion with seven Principles 
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The UUCRT Meetinghouse is used during weekdays by The Birch School.


THE CHALICE LIGHT is the official newsletter of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Rock Tavern.

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'Writing from the Heart’ Group Forming

Are you someone who enjoys and finds meaning through writing?   If so, you are invited to join a writers’ circle dedicated to creating a safe space for finding your inner voice and sharing your gifts with others. Writing experience, proper spelling, and good grammar are not required. This is NOT a space for critique, advice, or judgment.  Rather, this is a group focused on listening, connecting, and deepening. The Writer’s Group will meet monthly to share writing (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, all styles welcome). Each month we will focus on a different theme, in line with the themes that we’ll be exploring together as a congregation. Please contact Terri Pahucki at tlpahucki@gmail.com to sign up.  Or speak with Terri, Amanda Crowell, or Kristen Holt-Browning for more info!  Time and place TBD based on participant schedules. 

February Services

Our Sunday services are held at 9 Vance Rd, Rock Tavern, NY at 10:30 am.  We welcome all seekers regardless of age, creed, race, ability/disability, class, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Feb. 7 : Desire  Part One - The Wisdom Of Our Elders

 We all have the desire to look and stay young  but our elders have great wisdom and life experience. We invite old and young to share their thoughts on aging and what we can teach each other spiritually about life experience.

Feb. 14:  Desire Part Two

Love can be expressed many ways. Everyone will have the chance to express what love means to them, in words, a poem, a passage or a song

Feb. 21: Desire Lines

Rev. Chris J. Antal

What desires drove our ancestors to America? Through self reflection we will kindle compassion for the immigrants and refugees among us today.

Feb. 28: Coming to America

Rev. Chris J. Antal

A service for all ages. Come share the history of your family's journey to America. How do our desires compare to those who came before us?

From Your Minister

By the Rev. Chris J. Antal

Mohammad Tariq Ahadi, “Tariq,” along with his wife, three daughters (ages 10, 9, 5) and son (age 7) are moving from Afghanistan to New York this month. 


Tariq is the Afghan interpreter I served with during my deployment in 2012. After years of advocacy and tireless persistence through seemingly endless bureaucratic red-tape, our government has finally granted his family the visas promised them under the Afghan Allies Protection Act of 2009


In an effort to support his cause, I conducted an extensive recorded interview with Tariq while I was in Afghanistan (Click here to listen).  I sent the recording to New York Senator Chuck Schumer. In March 2014 my letter to the NY Times was published, drawing more attention to the plight of Afghan Allies. Hundreds of UUs from congregations throughout our region joined me in legislative advocacy. I believe our effort helped bring about the Emergency Afghan Allies Extension Act of 2014 and helped secure visas for Tariq and his family.


While I delight that the Ahadi's desire to resettle in America is close to fulfillment, I am also concerned. Given the escalating hostility directed towards Muslims and immigrants in our country, we can expect the Ahadi family, who is Muslim, to face many challenges. They will need as many allies and as much support as possible. 


At our January meeting, I recommended to the Board that UUCRT offer material and financial support to the Ahadi family and initiate a collaboration among area UU congregations to help the Ahadi family resettle in the United States. The Board moved to support my recommendation with all in favor. Our Sunday offering collected on February 21 will go to the Ahadi family. Look for an announcement soon about household needs. 

Once their arrival date is confirmed I will drive a truck filled with our donations to Buffalo and give the Ahadis a warm welcome to America. Offering material and financial support is one way the UUCRT is living into our commitment to be a Peace Advocacy Congregation. 

See you on Sunday.


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