John Starino: “The New Fatherhood” (June 21, 2015) 
 AudioFathers Day service.

Del Maticic: "Do I Dare?"  (February 15, 2015)
Audio From our Standing on the Side of Love Multigenerational Service

Rev. Hugh Hammond: "Lost!"   (February 8, 2015)



Justin Young: "Looking Back" (December 28, 2014)
Audio  In this annual fire communion service, congregants burn pieces of paper containing brief descriptions of something they most wish to leave behind and light a candle for a new hope for the coming year.


Dr. Jack Shuler: "Things That Make Us Wince" (October 12, 2014)

Ivy Coleman, et. al.:  All the Colors of the Rainbox” (September 21, 2014)
Audio   Presented by our LGBTQ Welcoming Committee.

Dr. Todd Shaw  Bias or Belief? (August 03, 2014)
AudioRespect for "Illuminated Individualism" and all the ways we should "see" each other
more past societal biases -- race, class, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Dr. Shaw is a Distinguished Associate Professor of Political Science and African American Studies and the 
Interim Director of African American Studies for the 2014-2015 Academic Year at USC, Columbia. He is a
co-author on an upcoming book, Uneven Roads.

Susan Corbett: Water of Life  (July 27, 2014)
Audio  The importance of preserving our water resources.

Christian Anderson: Doubting Thomas: Jefferson and His Bible (March 2, 2014)

Robert Amundson:  Enlightened Self Interest and Servant Leadership (February 23, 2014)

Rev. Fred Small: [read  by Kate Noel Wells]  short sermon on Standing on the Side of Love (February 16, 2014)

Rev. Sarah Tinker: Inner Peace (February 2, 2014)
 An exploration of ways 
we might cultivate a sense of inner peace however disturbing life might be at times.
The Rev. Sarah Tinker currently serves as minister of
Kensington Unitarians at Essex Church in Notting Hill, London

Rev. Sarah Tinker: 
Doubt and Confusion
 (January 26, 2014)
 In this 
service we'll be consider
ing what can be learned from this most human of conditions
The Rev. Sarah Tinker currently serves as minister of 
Kensington Unitarians at Essex Church in Notting Hill, London

Rev. Hugh Hammond: A Vision for Unitarian Universalism  (January 12, 2014)

Rev. Hugh Hammond:  Is Morality Moral? (January 5, 2014)



Justin Young:  Fire Communion  (December 29, 2013)

Barry Lynn: sermon from installation ceremony (Jan. 27, 2013)
Audio Text audio only .

Dan King: sermon (Jan. 27, 2013)
Audio Text audio only .






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