Unitarian Univeralist Fellowship of Columbia, SC


We extend our appreciation to…

The facilitators of our three Adult Ed classes, which came to an end on Monday: Peter Kandis and

Dorothy Garretson, who taught "Harvesting the Power," a leadership class; Bauer Westeren, who

led a writer's group; Pat Mohr and Rev. Dr. Jones, who facilitated "The People Speak," a DVD

presentation of Howard Zinn's history of the United States; and Ann Johnson, who organized the

whole series, as she has for every Adult Ed series we have.

Everyone who made possible our congregation's 60th anniversary on April 11th: Joe Long, who

provided our "birthday cake"; Barry Ahrendt, who presented our new logo featuring a flaming chalice;

Regina Moody, who designed our anniversary sign on the front lawn; Carita Barr, who supplied

beautiful spring flowers for our sanctuary and social hall; Morgan Maclachlan, who composed the

Choir's selection, "May the WInd Blow Softly: Invocations for the Warming of Houses"; Eve Ross,

who accompanied the Choir with violin; the Kitchen Committee, who helped with serving and

cleanup; and Bonnie Bonner, who washed a million dishes.

We extend our support and concern to...

The family and friends of Vivian Pilant, whose memorial service is today (April 14) at Washington

Street United Methodist Church.

We extend our congratulations to…

Trish Gibson, who is graduating from USC with a BA in anthropology and who has been accepted

into USC's Master's degree in Library and Information Science (MLIS).

John Charbonnet and Claire Shawhan, who have bought a house in historic Cottontown near the

intersection of Bull and Elmwood. Now they will be able to walk downtown and bike to the UUCC.

The third Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship has been awarded to a doctoral student in

psychology by the Ohio Psychological Association. Given in honor of our own Dr. Michael Sullivan,

the scholarship supports research, training, and community projects in the area of diversity and


"If you have any joys or concerns you'd like to share with the Fellowship, please forward them to uucc@uucolumbia.org."