Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia
Columbia, South Carolina
Religious Education
Volunteer Opportunities

Participating in our religious education program as a teacher, mentor, chaperone or organizer is an excellent way to develop your own faith. Children and youth are natural spiritual guides. Come deepen your own understanding of Unitarian Universalism. We have something for everyone.

Teachers and Assistants for RE classes

Each age group has one or two experienced lead teachers who have planned the lessons and organized materials plus two-four assistant teachers.  Lead teachers are typically in the classroom twice each month and assistants once or twice a month.

You'll be amazed at how delightful it is to see children's unfolding moral development in the RE classroom. If you've never taught before, that's OK; our experienced lead teachers will be on hand to guide the lessons.

Organizers and Assistants for Multigenerational Services
We have services for all ages several times a year. Usually a potluck or fundraising lunch follows each Multigenerational Service. Volunteers to help with the services and the potlucks are needed.

Playground Supervisors
We need help with playground supervision before and after services each week. Children remain on the playground until 12:30 p.m., when they return to the care of their parents.

Snack Coordinator

Each week we provide a snack and drink for children during their lessons. The DRE will purchase all snacks; the snack coordinator is responsible for bringing the snacks to the RE wing from the kitchen and setting things up for the classes.  After RE classes, the volunteer cleans up the table and takes food and dishes back to the kitchen.




Each year we have various workdays to improve our buildings and grounds. These may include playground, landscaping, cleaning and/or RE wing painting.


We often need chaperones for special events, such as CONs at The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center, Social Action field trips, Youth Group outings or the Boston Heritage trip.


Our high school program includes mentors for youth. Mentors will have 2-3 special events with youth over the course of the year and check in regularly with youth to discuss the program and their lives in general. Studies show that youth are much more likely to remain in the UU faith and their church community if they have ties with adults in the congregation other than their parents.

All volunteers must be willing to sign an ethics agreement and undergo a background check.

Apply to Volunteer

Complete a Volunteer Application, available on the shelf outside the DRE's office or by emailing dre@uucolumbia.org.