The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia's Religious Education Program strives to provide developmentally appropriate programming that honors the natural wonder and questioning of children and youth. We do so by offering thematic programs that are connected to our four pillars of UU education: world religions and the stories they teach us; our Judeo-Christian connections; our UU history and heritage; and our commitment to community service.
UUCC provides a nursery most Sundays for children ages 3 and under. Parents may keep their infants and toddlers with them in the service, leave them in the nursery with our experienced staff and volunteers, or use the nursery to provide care themselves. The nursery is available 10:30-12:30 each Sunday.
Preschool & Elementary
For children in grades preschool through 5th grade, we use UU curricula as well as featuring approximately once--a-month Children's Chapel (child-friendly small worship service focusing on holidays and rituals from around the world) and once-a-month social action lessons. Additional special events are held throughout the year. Our classes are divided as follows:
  • Preschool: Room 10
  • Kindergarten-2rd Grade: Room 9
  • 3rd-5th Grade: Room 7
Middle & High School
Our youth (grades 6-12th) have more intensive curricula and therefore spend more time on curriculum or on field trips. Youth also occasionally attend the regular worship service, becoming more integrated into the larger congregation as they move toward adulthood. Youth classes are divided as follows:
  • 6th-8th Grade: Room 8
  • 9th-12th Grade: Room 5