RE Committee

2015-16 Religious Education Committee

Pippin Whitaker


Barbie Seymour

Past Chair

Youth Advisor

Bethany Storlazzi

Parent Educator, Membership Liaison

Fran O'Toole

Member at

Nancy Shillington-Perez

Member at large

Member at large


Member at large


Religious Education Committee Covenant

In everything we say and do, we want to be a sanctuary for our children and youth, allowing them to explore and grow in their spirituality.

 In everything we say and do, we want to facilitate their own advocacy and advocate on behalf of our children and youth in the congregation, including ensuring that we have adequate and appropriate space and a welcoming social environment.

 In everything we say and do, we want to grow in our own and share with our children our UU faith and principles. 

Our shared values

We will do this with compassion, fairness, responsibility, and sustainability. 

 Committee Decision Making

1.        How we make decisions

We currently use consensus as our way of making most decisions because we discuss all views of our decisions and try to reach a position that we as a group feel good about.  With a little more clarity on consensus-based decision making, we can enhance our committee’s work and our communications with the congregation.


2.       How we organize our work

The committee will be consist of subcommittees focused on the different priority areas of the committee.  The sub-committees for this year are:

·         Youth Program and Youth Group

·         Children’s Program

·         DRE advisory group

·         Congregational Fundraiser

 Additionally, we will have liaisons to other Congregation committees that are important to our work.  


The overall RE committee will:

·         Meet monthly, on the second Sunday, 12:30-2 p.m.  in Room 10

·         Review proposals submitted to the committee

·         Discuss sub-committee reports as needed

·         Work with the DRE and youth coordinator to administer the RE program


Sub-committees will:

·         Meet/communicate as needed to organize group work

·         Youth and Children’s sub-committees will work with DRE to plan and implement curriculum; organize teacher training; plan social activities for age group

·         Provide reports to committee prior to meeting

 Liaisons will:

·         Attend meetings of other committee

·         Make proposals from RE to those committees

·         Share information with RE from other committee